Monday 13 December 2010

Christmas Carousel Countdown {12 days}


    Joyeux Noël Marie Antoinette.

    This moist and aromatic coconut cake looks so festive and pretty decorated with a sugar snowflake cookie.

    Coconut cake
    Makes 4 small cakes or 1 large
    Serves 8

    100 g butter, melted
    1/3 cup sugar
    1 cup plain flour
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
    1/4 cup milk
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    1/4 cup shaved coconut

    Preheat oven to 180C, 350F.
    Mix together butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, coconut milk, milk, vanilla and shaved coconut in a baking bowl.
    Divide the mixture between 4 small greased bunt pans or 1 large.
    Bake for about 18 minutes, or until set and golden.
    About 40-45 minutes for a large one.

    Cool. Turn upside down and serve with a sugar cookie star on top and a little powder sugar dusting.

    {Images by Alexandra Grablewski and recipe via Sweet Paul}

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    Sunday 12 December 2010

    {oldyarns} & bower bird stories


    It’s all so beautiful, where do I begin?

    I discovered {old yarns} last year at the Finders Keepers market,

    and I was smitten! It’s a poetry of visual beauty and words.

    Unbelievably it has taken me this long to share it.

    This year a pretty vintage teacup flowerpot took my fancy,

    while last year it was the reclaimed linens ~ a pair of pillowcases.

    the {oldyarns.} stall at the  Old Brisbane Museum. a graceful old beauty in itself.

    Christmas joy…

    I bought the vintage cards above at the GOMA christmas market.

    The one-of-a-kind vintage postcards are layered with vellum paper and typed with a message of joy…

    “let a joy keep you” (Carl Sandburg)

    the vellum allows you to write your own words, without detracting from the original script underneath.

    comes with a matching typed envelope “joy to the world”.

    more than just a card, lovely to send to friends and family, these can be then be framed for display.

    a whimsical gift from another time.

    joy to the world.

    ** hand sewn noël paper garlands of carols,

    circles & circles of caroling circles.

    * tiny vintage  snippets of the Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol”

    fluttering with more recycled collected christmas-y papers.

    * beautiful festive images, leaping red & white reindeer

    finished with pretty ribbon & one petit bell.

    limited noël edition of our le petit bateau kit

    in pretty yuletide papers with a quiet message of joy.

    twine (from twin) denotes two wound strands. it seems the different coloured twines (red, brown, blue and green) were originally used by butchers and denoted different types of meat – somehow (and I don’t think we got to the bottom of this?) the baker took up the use of the red and white, and this became their hallmark.

    vintage postcard petit mobiles ~ let’s run away together.’

    these mobiles are for dreaming of the places your heart would rather be.

    ‘to travel hopefully

    is a better thing than to arrive’

    {Robert Louis Stevenson, 1881}

    made using a genuine vintage French carte postale,

    strung with pretty ribbons and vintage notions and trims.

    a whimsical little kit for making your own paper boat garland,

    with vintage linen for ties, handwritten fisherman’s prayer tag.

    the fisherman’s prayer:

    “O God, be good to me,
    the sea is so wide
    and my boat is so small.”

    [author unknown]

    ready to be unpacked, folded and strung – & then to find the perfect place to float, sail & dance -

    for all the places my heart wants to run to.

    run away with me?

    If you are tempted, visit Oldyarns online at etsy.

    And I will post soon the new series of yummy things, The London Club.

    {Images and source: the bower bird stories blog and Oldyarns etsy shop}

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    Sunday 12 December 2010

    Christmas Carousel Countdown {13 days}


    Remembering last year’s happy Christmas, hiking the Milford Track, New Zealand.

    christmas at banana republic shot by Ditte Isager,

    remind me of hiking the pass on the Milford Track.

    A happy holiday, full of laughter and magnificent scenery with my friend Deb!

    {Images: Banana Republic holiday 2010 campaign, in the beautiful mountains in Utah}

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    Saturday 11 December 2010

    Tiffany dreaming


    That beautiful blue box… with a special Christmas gift to treasure.

    {Image via Patterson Maker}

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    Saturday 11 December 2010

    {it’s beginning to look a lot like . . .}


    That fabulous little blue box.

    In the north it’s falling snow, and the south it’s balmy summer  evenings…

    and for us all it’s Christmas.

    There is magic in the air!

    . . absurdly late and for some unfathomable reason, still awake, and despite the darkness and stars beckoning with promises of dreams laden in romance and softly falling snow, they can never match the romance of being awake and in love, the new chilly-ness in the night air bringing with it a deep anticipation for all the adventures yet to come, and days have faded into weeks and soon the weeks into a new year and it’s beginning to look a lot like . . . This is Glamorous

    Another magical advertising campaign from Tiffany & Co… “A celebration of the joy of true love, the warm embrace of family and the magic of the season in New York, the striking scenarios were shot by renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh and feature models Doutzen Kroes and Inés Sastre as well as motion picture star Patrick Wilson and actor Neal Bledsoe.”

    {Images: tiffany&co.facebook}

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    Saturday 11 December 2010

    Christmas Carousel Countdown {14 days}


    Blue Christmas,

    baubles in blue jewel tones, blue velvet seatee, decadent peacock and teal accent ~ all so beautiful.

    {Images by Ditte Isager via Simply Seductive}

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    Saturday 11 December 2010

    Oh Come All Ye Thirsty


    Champagne, canapes and wonderful friends celebrate the Christmas spirit of friendship…

    Last night I had my christmas party drinks,

    so many beautiful friends joined me at Pink Palace in Melbourne.
    Christmas time is the time for giving and sharing, but for me its all about fun. I have so much fun during this time of the year. I like to stay with my family as much as I can, because family comes first. For my friends as well, we try to stay with our family as much as we can until we cant take it any more which came pretty soon this year, hence why we ended up in a club partying all night long which don´t get me wrong I don´t regret at all we had the best time ever!
    There is something about partying with your real friends in such an important night that makes it memorable. I think this could actually be one of the best Christmases we have spent together throughout the years. We have plans on repeating it every Christmas from no on.
    Thanks to everyone who was there with me this year.
    And Merry Christmas to you all!

    And when all the fun ended……

    {Images via This is Glamorous; 1 martha stewart; 2 patrycja. on flickr; 3 runway to editorial: christian dior}

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    Friday 10 December 2010

    Christmas Carousel Countdown {15 days}


    A blushing christmas with dusty pinks,

    makes my heart sing softly.

    The soft blushing color palette of dusty pink looks divine with the colours of

    pale aqua, beige/nude, crisp white, and, of course, dove gray.

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    Thursday 9 December 2010

    Merry Canasta-mas


    Girlfriends, canasta and a celebratory champers….

    it’s our Christmas canasta evening tonight.

    And my monthly canasta playing has inspired me to collect playing cards. I have a beautiful old set of small Orient Line cruise cards, and found another set rummaging in antique store last weekend.

    And I stumbled upon these fashionista cards by  fashion designer and illustrator, Connie Lim.

    The fashion designer and illustrator, Connie Lim applies her inspiration from aged buildings and her love of Pugh to her feminine images and pieces. With a collection of drawings in the White Stripes colour code, she places glamorous girls into playing card themes, brimming with elegance and an eerie gothic-tinge in her experimention with various Manga styles. Lim’s animated fashion sketches appear hauntingly striking, adding an edge to her depictions of Alexander McQueen’s A/W 2009 collections.

    Dazed Digital interview.

    I must dash or I’ll be late! xo

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    Thursday 9 December 2010

    gift wrapping opulence


    I adore the shiny satin ribbons embellished

    with vintage and glittery rhinestone pins.

    {images via  haute design}

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