Sunday 10 June 2012



Hooray for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee ~ the high street stores join the celebrations. Take a royal curtsy and viagra price congratulate Her Majesty on sixty wonderful years.

Personalised stationery seller, Smythson celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a floral tribute to order cialis in united states the discount zithromax sale tastemakers of the era of Her Majesty’s Coronation. The window displays were created in collaboration with British illustrator Kerry Lemon, and recreates a quintessential English Rose garden, inspired by the photography of Cecil Beaton and the innovative style and colour palette used by royal florist Constance Spry.

Browns :: store windows have been decorated with an array of patriotic elements. To complete the regal display a creative team, including Ivana Nohel who has designed our origamipaper animals, and the throne and crest illustration by Gemma Milly {see top image}.

Floral Guards Regiment of two rose-jacketed sentries standing to attention outside Hackett.


{Images via window display blog}

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Tuesday 24 May 2011

as Sweet as Honey


Louis Vuitton strikes gold with their stunning store windows, dripping gold & bee’s ~ featuring golden starbursts and dripping liquid gold, forming a pool of precious honey on the floor.

This spring {northern hemisphere}, Louis Vuitton is celebrating the first batch of where to buy cheap lasix honey produced from the three beehives installed on the roof of its Parisian head quarters back in 2009.

In April 2009, Louis Vuitton installed three beehives on the roof of its Parisian HQ on the rue de Pont Neuf.

Its first batch of honey is now ready for spring, celebrated through creative displays at many of its store windows worldwide till May. It is a nod to biodiversity. As Louis Vuitton tells it: ‘35 per cent of food resources in the world are insured by nectar- and pollen-gathering insects.’

Through 2010, 200,000 bees gathered 75 kg of nectar for Louis Vuitton.

The honey won’t be sold: it will be given to friends and family of the company.

Called “As Sweet as Honey”, Louis Vuitton shop windows worldwide feature bags and order cialis canada shoes dripping with the purchase viagra 100 mg sweet stuff and surrounded by bees, inspired by the global need for sustainable development, of which nectar and pollen gathering insects play an important role.

The campaign has been in the works since 2009 when three beehives were installed on the roof of the Louis Vuitton headquarters in Paris. Throughout 2010 more than 200,000 bees gathered 75kg of nectar, from which the golden honey was produced.

Be drawn in by these dripping golden honey bursts

with shooting golden bees and LV logo/icons bursting all over.

As Sweet as Honey :: Louis Vuitton shop windows feature bags and shoes dripping with honey.
These installations are surrounded by bees, which highlights the global need for sustainable development, of which nectar and pollen gathering insects play an important role. The campaign has been in the works since 2009 when three beehives were installed on the roof of the Louis Vuitton headquarters in Paris.

Honey honey ~ Sweet indeed.

Passing by the LV shop of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & the Gold Coast,

I keep noticing the beautiful window display ~ a honey inspired installation.

Photos by Stephane Muratet for Louis Vuitton.

{Images via Lucire & Freshmess}

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Friday 24 December 2010

Bergdorf Goodman’s Calendar Girls


Bergdorf Goodman’s 2008 Holiday window display, Calendar Girls.

Holiday escapism ~ Bergdorf Goodman Christmas windows are always lavish with sumptuous theatrical settings stuffed with items, some for sale, others not. In 2008, the store’s big five Fifth Avenue windows were devoted to fanciful interpretations of the best levitra online pharmacy the Four Seasons, or the Four Seasons plus one extra season, in a palate of snowy silvers and grays with flashes of gold. There are human mannequins with animal heads as well as a liberal use of taxidermy specimens. Included was Eva Longoria’s beaded fringe Marchesa Emmy awards dress among other opulent outfits.

The 2008 Holiday window display featured a year-round journey with seasonal muses in ethereal white-on-white schemes. David Hoey and his window design team drew inspiration for the theme from the dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History. The 58th Street windows, as well as those of the men’s department across the cialis cheap online canadian pharmacy street, featured fanciful anthropomorphistic depictions of leisure-time activities.

{Images via gonyc}

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