Sunday 12 August 2012

    mojito shoe


    Not the drink ~ how yummy is this shoe! Very curious about the functionality… I think it may require gymnastic skills to walk.

    Mojito shoe by architects Hakes Associates.

    {Image via Urban TasterDeezen}

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    Friday 18 February 2011

    Piero Guidi {shoe desire}


    Piero Guidi is a Italian leather company creating accessories, handbags, suitcases, briefcases and shoes. Piero is descended from a family of tanners. Established in Tuscany in 1896, Guidi is a tannery and leather supplier. The shoes and bags are steeped in traditional techniques of craftsmanship with a unique combination of ingenious creativity.

    Piero Guidi is an Italian sculptor who turned to fashion studies in Rome in the 70s and subsequently founded - Piero Guidi, the label. More than thirty years on, out of a vibrant bottega in Urbino {birthplace of Raphael}, Guidi draws inspiration from the region’s history of Renaissance artists and thinkers to create his namesake collection. Today, in Italy alone, Piero Guidi has over 500 retail outlets.

    Image by Issei Fujita + Susanna Ferrante via vimeo

    a pair of boots by Guidi — the Cordovan Leather Lace Up in black

    they’re hand-crafted in Italy from reversed horse leather and are fully leather-lined!

    design for GUIDI 2009/ 2010

    It’s no secret that the landscape of fashion manufacturing is changing. More and more high-end designers are outsourcing production to China and other third world countries in order to increase profit margins. Guidi, one of the most prestigious leather tanneries, is also one of the few left in Europe. Located in a small Tuscan town of Pescia, where leather tanning is a tradition that goes back to the 14th Century, Guidi has been producing fine leather since 1896. Today, it supplies leather to many top fashion houses. Several years ago, Guidi’s owner decided to start producing leather goods under its own name. This meant traditional artisanal production in limited runs, using its own leather, ranging from supple cowhide to hard cordovan. The footwear and bags are hand-finished and their styles rarely change, bucking the traditional notion that fashion must be fast-paced. Instead, Guidi is focused on longevity.

    Insistence on permanence is not the only reason why Guidi stands out. The hard-core aesthetic of distressed, rugged-looking footwear and bags purposefully goes against the conventional image of polished Italian style.

    Guidi is deliberately anti-glamour. This is the stuff you can throw around and beat up, only to make it look better with age. In the world of mass manufacture, mass marketing, and massclusivity, Guidi cuts out a little corner of a universe where quiet elegance stands in opposition to pomp and garishness. No wonder Guidi’s back-zipped boots and weekender bags have been a bestseller at stores like Atelier in New York, The Archive in San Francisco, and Pollyanna in England.

    Chic Nihilism

    For more visit

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    Monday 14 February 2011

    Fabulous Flip Flops …


    An iconic Valentino bow adds feminine flavor to playful, yet sleek PVC.

    Almost too stylish to be called thongs! A sculptural bow sits atop a thong strap.

    These Italian made  Valentino Bow Jelly Thong Sandals are so beach perfect.

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    Tuesday 30 November 2010

    Spine-tingling ‘Skeleton Heels’


    I’m coveting these dsquared2 Skeleton heels!

    Spinal Stilettos

    Jurassic Park

    Dinosaur fossils…

    Cartilaginous segments…

    Stripped to the bone…

    Backbone heels…

    Spinal columns…

    Spines Are The New Skull

    Dynamic Canadian duo (and twins) Dean and Dan Caten are behind the edgier-than-thou label Dsquared2.

    Images via

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    Sunday 21 November 2010

    Lace & Tulle Shoes make my heart sing


    “I am usually working on the head and then to move to the foot is a whole other dimension. You can’t have the same fragility, because models walk like racehorses and kick them together. And then something very delicate is in tatters — but actually, it looks quite good in tatters!

    Milliner, Philip Treacy

    He might be a newbie when it comes to designing shoes,

    but this inaugural collection of shoes from

    Valentino’s Spring / Summer 2010 show during Paris Fashion Week

    is hopefully the beginnings of many beautiful shoes.

    The mostly black shoes and some in cream,

    the shoes are wearable art for your perfectly pedicured toes.

    Elaborately embroidered netting cascaded down the heels like wings causing a feast for the eyes.

    The wispy footwear was truly spectacular.

    I cannot wait to see more footwear from this famed hat maker.

    Delicate satin and lace beauty.

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    Saturday 30 October 2010

    Killer heels


    The super stiletto heel, dominatrix spikes, and polished black leather for my Halloween look tonight,

    by Christian Louboutin,  all with the trademark red soles.

    {Images from Rodarte’s 2008 fall fashion show}

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