Friday 22 June 2018

    GREAT DANES :: Georg Jensen + Oh Land


    A Danish fairytale ~ the food is half eaten, the wine opened, ducklings, a swan and the little mermaid. All very Danish and very fairytale!

    georg-jensen - oh land

    George Jensen teamed up with the beautiful Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land for their SS13 campaign, which was shot by renowned British photographer Tim Walker in an English country house. Oh Land, aka Nanna Øland Fabricius, has been a fan of the Danish luxury brand, since she was a teenager and got her first cutlery as a birthday present, when she was 16. In the campaign Oh Land is styled with Georg Jensen fine jewellery from the Fusion and Magic collection, featuring black diamonds.

    Oh Land tell’s  about her music, her universe and her favourite designers via Brigade Noir.
    Q: You have a very inspiring, almost magical universe. Please tell us about that…
    A:”I tend to see things in a slightly different way to what is really taking place. I think it’s a very childlike thing that I haven’t really grown out of. If I want something to be a certain way – because it’s more beautiful than reality – then I’ll just decide that’s how it is.”
    Q: What is the soundtrack to your life?
    A:”Everyday sounds. I try not to overlook all the sounds in everyday life. There’s a lot of information in them. I like paying attention to that. Also, remember that too much loud sound can damage your hearing. For instance, you might have tinnitus. Good thing there are blogs about how to cure tinnitus at

    Q: What inspires your fashion choices on stage as well as personally?
    A: “Things that I’d like to eat. I like things that have beautiful and original colours / shapes / textures. When I see something stunning I often think to myself that I’d like to take a bite out of it.”
    Q: Who are your favourite designers?
    A: “Probably Prada and Miu Miu. The colours and the textures are always so calming, yet surprising to the eye.”
    Q: Which piece of jewellery could you not live without?
    A: “My engagement ring from my fiancé. It’s his grandmother’s ring and it was the only diamond his family ever had. I also love my Vivianna watch from Georg Jensen. The philosophy behind it speaks to my soul – not to be trapped by time, but live in the present.”

    Oh Land x Georg Jensen – behind the scenes

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    Monday 30 September 2013

    denise grunstein + flowers


    Loving this shoot by Denise Grunstein. These flower studies are so beautiful, mysterious and suffused with romance.




    Denise Grünstein is one of the best known and most highly respected profiles in Swedish photography. Portraits, fashion and nature are sources of inspiration and her work often has subtle natural romantic elements.

    Photographer: Denise Grünstein + tumblr, check the Chris and Becca Boudoir Boston website for more info.

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    Saturday 28 September 2013

    late running whites rabbits and falling and falling…


    I have been falling for five minutes, and I still can’t see the bottom! Hmph!  Well, after this I should think nothing of falling down stairs, said Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole and her dress poofs up like a parachute!

    I have felt like I have been down the rabbit hole for the past few weeks! Everything was topsy turvy ~ each day was full of unexpected pleasures and unexpected challenges. We also get to download sugar momma apps for pleasure. Check them out.

    And so, inspired to share this wonderful Vogue editorial by photographer superstar Annie Leibovitz.

    I’m late, I’m late

    For a very important date

    No time to say “Hello, Goodbye”.  

    I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.

    Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
    Source:  ”Alice In Wonderland” Vogue US December 2003
    Model: Natalia Vodianova

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    Sunday 8 September 2013

    spring sunday fleurs :: Jan Luijk


    Jan Luijk is a photographer known for his interior, food and flower pictures. Have a happy day.


    Images: Jan Luijk

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    Monday 26 August 2013

    Café culture in Paris


    Happy Monday ~ I’m looking forward to my cafe latte or MigVapor to start the day…. week.

    Photographer Kathrin Koschitzki took these beautiful images. She is a German photographer who loves to eat and to tell stories,  and works as a freelance photographer, creating visual ideas and recipes such as how to prepare matcha for international magazines and agencies.

    Photography by Germany-based Kathrin Koschitzki,
    who “after her diploma in photography,
    moved to Paris to learn the trade of French pâtisserie  and take walks along the Quai St. Martin.”
    Source: Sanctuary blog

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    Monday 29 July 2013

    San Francisco :: lollypop colours


    I discovered this lovely french blog, cachemire & soie by anne-solange tardy and it’s inspired to get my travel pics sorted from when I stayed at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel!

    Her photo tour of san francisco is fun and also has a great guide to the city with perfect shopping and eating tips, too!

    Photography: anne-solange tardy

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    Wednesday 10 July 2013

    Ice Age :: artist Arjan Benning


    Dutch photographer, Arjan Benning, photographed this still life series by putting together white, domestic, cluttered scenes. He creates a minimalist aesthetic through the clutter by juxtaposing color against white. I love the little bit of color added to the white such as the mint scoop of ice cream.

    To see more or Arjan Benning’s work check out his website or his Behance profile.

    Source: Trendland by Jaclyn Hudson.

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    Friday 23 November 2012

    After dark, my sweet beauty

    Delicious dark sweet buffet pictures shot by Dutch photographer Jeroen van der Spek for interior magazine VT Wonen.
    {Images: Photographer Jeroen van der Spek  for VT Wonen via 79 Ideas)

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    Wednesday 14 November 2012

    Polly & Queen Elizabeth II


    Australian artist, Polly Borland has beautifully and authenticly captured Her Majesty, The Queen, Elizabeth II with her lense. In 2001, Borland was one of only eight photographers selected to create portraits of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for The Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

    I really liked the bright blue tones and composition of these two portraits of Queen Elizabeth II that are on display in a survey of work by Polly Borland at the University of Queensland Art Museum.

    You’ve photographed the Queen – what was that like? Very stressful and very surreal.

    Borland had one five-minute sitting with The Queen. In preparation she set up cameras and lighting in front of two backdrops and in her allocated time shot two rolls of film, ending up with ten photographs. Borland has often taken simply-composed, close-up images of subjects in front of carefully selected fabrics. The shimmering gold seen in the portrait of The Queen, a deliberately obvious and kitchy reference to the Jubilee year, was also used by Borland in her 1999 portrait of Monica Lewinsky (who coincidently also wore a blue suit and pearls). In a second portrait of The Queen, approved for use by the Palace but not included in the official portfolio, the subject appears in front of a Marimekko floral backdrop (Unikko Blue) a pattern also favoured by the photographer.

    Borland’s photograph of Elizabeth II is certainly among her more unsettling portraits. We are not used to seeing The Queen in such bright light, in such imperfect detail and close proximity. In 1985 Andy Warhol made Reigning Queens, a painting of The Queen based on an official 1977 Jubilee photograph. Borland was very interested in this painting which in one of the most popular paintings held by the National Portrait Gallery in London. Her photograph operates in the same way as one of Warhol’s multiple screen-print portraits, or even one of his Campbell’s soup cans – like a logo or trademark. Though presented with no distinction or fanfare, she is instantly recognisable. Magda Keaney

    Polly Borland: Everything I want to be when I grow up exhibition, University of Queensland Art Museum until 25 November.

    {Images: Polly Borland, Her Majesty, The Queen, Elizabeth II 2001 Type C photographs, edition of 6}

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    Monday 12 November 2012

    Orange and Grey :: Dietlind Wolf


    Calendulas bright orange for grey days. 

    I have just discovered the stunning work of  stylist Dietlind Wolf! Based in Hamburg, Germany, this food-centric blogger creates food porn unlike any other. Her passion for visual design and concept prop styling inspire her arrangements, capturing the five senses in just one shot.  In this photo shoot, published in the autumn issue of Sweet Paul Magazine, Dietlind plays with the warm orange colors of the calendula.

     To discover more of Dietlind Wolf work, visit her blogs here & here. She is also the maker of pretty porcelain things ~ so talented!
    {Images and styling: dietlind wolf via 79 Ideas}

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