Sunday 22 April 2012



    I am feeling excited that I will have my first guest blogger on A White Carousel!   Mari from Design Shuffle will be dropping by soon ~ here is a hint at what she will be blogging about….

    And after my previous post, I’d like to take some time out and sit in this lovely old chair!

    {Image via leva & bo}

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    Monday 7 February 2011

    Sunshine happy


    Weekend lovely :: Noosa :: Marcus Beach :: Peregian Beach

    I spent the weekend on the Sunshine Coast sharing happy beach moments with wonderful friends.

    There was beach fun and games (the skim-ball was a hit),

    great food, a spot of shopping with the gals on Hastings Street,

    and a Sunday morning market visit (that’s where I met Georgina and Sunny).

    The Caravan of Love

    Georgina’s little caravan ‘sunny’ and the story behind the perpetual-one retail concept has been featured in two wonderful magazines: Country Style Magazine and Peppermint.

    A visit to the markets at Peregian Beach proved fruitful when I rummaged inside Sunny ~ a 1960s Sunliner caravan filled with vintage treasures owned by Georgina Hobson of Perpetual-One fame. A small WA souvenir tablecloth, vintage pillowslip and croquet-trimmed doilies have come home to live with me.

    {Images via perpetual one:  Country Style Magazine; January 2011. pp16-21 Story: Kylie Jackes. Photography: Jared Fowler; Peppermint Magazine; Summer 2010/11. p65 Story: Tess Curran. Photography: Elouise Van Riet-Gray}

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    Wednesday 15 December 2010

    The London Club


    I don’t care to belong to any club that would have me as a member. Groucho Marx

    vintage pieces capturing the essence of proper

    British style (think hats, bow-ties & blazers).

    {oldyarns} has The London Club collection of reclaimed vintage and linen bags

    sourced from vintage & reclaimed materials, so nothing here is perfect.

    we believe this only enhances the beauty of our pieces,

    highlighting their past stories & travels.

    all {oldyarns} pieces are handmade or hand selected by {oldyarns}

    each object is special, telling an almost forgotten story

    Gentleman’s Clubs

    There are some 25 traditional London gentlemen’s clubs of particular note, from the Athenaeum to White’s, included in the list of London’s gentlemen’s clubs. A gentlemen’s club is a members-only private club of a type originally set up by and for English upper classmen in the eighteenth century, and popularised by English upper-middle class men and women in the late nineteenth century. Today, some are more open about the gender and social status of members.

    {Images and items for sale via old yarns}

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    Monday 13 December 2010

    the joy of discovery


    is felt when blogging and finding something new!

    georgina is the creative of perpetual one, the collected & assembled.

    These hand-stamped holiday gift tags with mini-doilies and typed messages are gorgeous.

    i love designs that are

    simple, smart and a little

    bit quirky.

    i like being different.

    i like things with a

    story, a style and a

    quality that is difficult to copy.

    perpetual reflects the one source of a love that lasts for always.



    in 2010 perpetual one adopted a 1960′s Sunliner caravan ‘sunny‘ into the family to be their retail space… a pop-up vintage shop, if you like.

    we travel to local markets and also sell a limited selection on-line.
    you can follow our travels, interests, and vintage finds at our blog.

    If you are lucky enough to live near the Sunshine Coast, you can find ‘Sunny’ at the local markets in Peregian Beach selling vintage wares, collected items and locally handmade goods.

    What a beautiful discovery, thank you the bowerbird stories.

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    Sunday 12 December 2010

    Tea party


    is this a mad hatter’s

    tea party?

    or rather

    a little collection

    of tea-cup planters


    for somewhere special*?

    the little packets

    contain seeds for your planter

    - (its kinda hard to post them potted) -

    these ones some lavender or some viola (johnny jump-ups).

    be oh so cute on your windowsill.


    I bet Alice & the Hare

    are hiding somewhere near,

    maybe just behind that Queen of Hearts.

    As a HUGE fan of {old yarns} I am re-blogging this post. I adore Kristina’s creations, and always look forward to visiting her when she has a market stall. I can never resist buying something, including one of these gorgeous teacups at the recent Christmas Finders Keepers with a flowering violet.

    Old Yarns can be bought online & for a dose of inspiration follow her blog.

    the bowerbird stories… as written by {old yearns}

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    Sunday 12 December 2010

    {oldyarns} & bower bird stories


    It’s all so beautiful, where do I begin?

    I discovered {old yarns} last year at the Finders Keepers market,

    and I was smitten! It’s a poetry of visual beauty and words.

    Unbelievably it has taken me this long to share it.

    This year a pretty vintage teacup flowerpot took my fancy,

    while last year it was the reclaimed linens ~ a pair of pillowcases.

    the {oldyarns.} stall at the  Old Brisbane Museum. a graceful old beauty in itself.

    Christmas joy…

    I bought the vintage cards above at the GOMA christmas market.

    The one-of-a-kind vintage postcards are layered with vellum paper and typed with a message of joy…

    “let a joy keep you” (Carl Sandburg)

    the vellum allows you to write your own words, without detracting from the original script underneath.

    comes with a matching typed envelope “joy to the world”.

    more than just a card, lovely to send to friends and family, these can be then be framed for display.

    a whimsical gift from another time.

    joy to the world.

    ** hand sewn noël paper garlands of carols,

    circles & circles of caroling circles.

    * tiny vintage  snippets of the Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol”

    fluttering with more recycled collected christmas-y papers.

    * beautiful festive images, leaping red & white reindeer

    finished with pretty ribbon & one petit bell.

    limited noël edition of our le petit bateau kit

    in pretty yuletide papers with a quiet message of joy.

    twine (from twin) denotes two wound strands. it seems the different coloured twines (red, brown, blue and green) were originally used by butchers and denoted different types of meat – somehow (and I don’t think we got to the bottom of this?) the baker took up the use of the red and white, and this became their hallmark.

    vintage postcard petit mobiles ~ let’s run away together.’

    these mobiles are for dreaming of the places your heart would rather be.

    ‘to travel hopefully

    is a better thing than to arrive’

    {Robert Louis Stevenson, 1881}

    made using a genuine vintage French carte postale,

    strung with pretty ribbons and vintage notions and trims.

    a whimsical little kit for making your own paper boat garland,

    with vintage linen for ties, handwritten fisherman’s prayer tag.

    the fisherman’s prayer:

    “O God, be good to me,
    the sea is so wide
    and my boat is so small.”

    [author unknown]

    ready to be unpacked, folded and strung – & then to find the perfect place to float, sail & dance -

    for all the places my heart wants to run to.

    run away with me?

    If you are tempted, visit Oldyarns online at etsy.

    And I will post soon the new series of yummy things, The London Club.

    {Images and source: the bower bird stories blog and Oldyarns etsy shop}

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