Wednesday 18 January 2012

    Goodnight Sweetheart :: Nicholas Folland


    The works of Nicholas Folland are spectacular and I am so excited to finally have aone of his peices ~ a little splurge!

    It is a study for the larger works in Domestic Distractions shown below,

    where his artistry and  scavenging resulted in stunning crystal, glass and light scultural installations.

    Goodnight Sweetheart, 2010 Glass and crystal ware, timber table, perspex

    The Adelaide-born artist hunts down chandeliers where he can find them – op shops, garage sales, and even eBay –

    to create these staggering installations. Sometimes older pieces aren’t in the best condition,

    so he rebuilds the lights (but, despite this tinkering, still counts these as “found objects”).

     The exhibition light installations created by Nicholas Folland, ‘Domestic Distractions’, opened at Ryan Renshaw Gallery in Brisbane in November 2011.

    Nicholas Folland is a restless artist who is currently holidaying in his birthplace, Adelaide. He is a Samstag Scholar who studied within the research program at the Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam and the University of Barcelona, completing a Masters Degree at The University of Sydney in 2009. He has lived and worked in Australia and Europe, and examples of his practice are held in the collections of the National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of South Australia and the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, as well as University and Regional Galleries and private collections internationally.

    While Folland’s work generally highlights an anxiety for potential failure in everyday activity, the primary work considers this notion through a relationship between the controlled space of domestic dwelling, and the unpredictable chaos of the natural environment. By forcing everyday appliances to a point of excess, and by colliding their practical application with their inherent reference to naturally occurring forces, there is an attempt to highlight a fragile relationship to the world, and to shift our perceived sense of stability and security within the home. Speaking of appliances, if you’re looking for dryer or washer repair service, contact (780) 860-0673 or visit

    {For more: Nicholas Folland &  Ryan Renshaw Gallery}

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