Friday 30 August 2013

    Gorgeous concept store in Amsterdam


    As a lover of beautiful things, it’s a delight to discover, TUTZE Store ~ this gorgeous concept store in Amsterdam is beautifully captured by the styling, interior design, and photography of Paulina Arcklin which can be visited in this site

    Photography: Paulina Arcklin via: jelanie

    Source: TUTZE Store,  Harderwijk, The Netherlands.

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    Monday 22 October 2012

    Gorgeous handmade wooden objects made with love


    A few weeks ago I blogged about Herriott Grace, the online shop of gorgeous handmade wooden products that a father and daughter create and sell. Here is some more delights from this two clever creatives. And the the beautiful  styling is by Nikole Herriott.

    {Images: herriott grace }

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    Saturday 20 October 2012

    retro cool

    Retro Handsets :: the hottest techcessory today….
    Keep that radiation away from your head with the Retro Handset!
    {Source: via Patty Friday}

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    Monday 1 October 2012



    A delightful discovery ~ black wood panels and purple figs by herriott grace. What a treat to discover such a beautiful story.

    And who is Herriott Grace? It’s a venture of father and daughter, Lance and Nikole Herriott.

    They live 3400 kilometers apart, and don’t see each other very often. The father is a craftsman, and one day he began sending hand carved spoons to his daughter. His daughter loved the spoons and wanted to share them with the rest of the world. The father explained to his daughter that he only wanted to sell to people that would understand the time he had spend and the effort he had placed. And together, they opened the small online shop Herriott Grace.

    And with a story like that, my heart just melts.

    Many who know of Herriott Grace know of Nikole, but she wanted us to get to know her dad, too.

    So Nikole flew to BC with filmmaker John Cullen where they spent 10 days with Nikole’s dad, making a documentary.

     Be inspired by the Herriott Grace story, and watch the film.

    And now I’m going down the rabbit hole! I’m always intrigued how the internet connects ~ one link, then another and whoosh… taken away to discover new inspirations. I’ll elaborate on this joyful discovery in the next post.

    {Source: Lolita}

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    Tuesday 25 September 2012

    more Herriott Grace


    Herriott Grace :: The Herriott Grace story is about a father and his daughter, Lance and Nikole Herriott. Lance is a masterful craftsman and Nikole is a talented creative – a pastry chef /designer /ceramicist /stylist /photographer.

    The craftsmanship in their wood products is amazing, and the product photography is so beautiful.

    What an heart warming tale.

    When Nikole Herriott moved 2,100 miles away from home in Victoria, British Columbia, to Toronto her dad,

    Lance, a woodworker, began to send packages to his daughter as a way to stay in touch.

    Occasionally, he would include one of the small wooden spoons he hand carved. Nikole loved them and thought others would, too. So together, the father and daughter began Herriott Grace.

    The Herriott Grace online shop has grown into a full housewares line (the hand-carved pieces made by Lance sell out as quickly as he can make them), and Nikole writes the popular blog Forty-sixth at Grace, where her beautiful photography documents her forays into the kitchen. The full story is here and you can see a sneak peek of Nikole’s Toronto home here.

    {Images: photography by Michael Graydon via Herriott Grace & 79 Ideas}

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    Friday 17 August 2012

    Knife in the water :: Etsy find


    These lovely homemade textiles can be found at a wonderful shop on Etsy called “Knife in the water”.

    They are the creation of Seung who lives in Seoul, Korea who designs, prints,and

    makes home textile goods inspired by her beautiful surroundings, nature and old movies.

    {Images: knife in the water }

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    Monday 23 January 2012

    what to do with too much stuff?


    I am inspired by Anna at Absolutely Beautiful Things who is starting an online sale to clear the decks tomorrow. Like her I am such a hoarder so it’s time to start moving some things on such as our old furniture and a few automobiles we need shipped t hanks to the help of this car transport company in california!

    Check it out here as there will be some wonderful bargains to be had!

    So I am thinking of a what a little sale of all my pre-loved things would look like…..

    Supermarket Sarah is another wonderful idea! The Sarah behind Supermarket Sarah started out creating shopping “walls” in her living room to portray her online goods. Enjoy the images below that each represent one of Sarah’s walls, and her site is set up so that you can hover over any item for sale to get all the details and a price.

    {Images via shrimp salad circus}

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    Thursday 8 September 2011

    beyond the wall


    A peak inside Supermarket Sarah’s world. 

    I love to sell things with a story behind them, things that are one of a kind.

    Stylist and webshop owner Sarah Bagner shares her spacious Victorian two-bedroom apartment

    in Ladbroke Grove, West London, with her artist boyfriend Henrik Delehag and their kitten Alfons.

    Sarah Bagner talked with Clare Nolan from the Daily Mail.

    THE STYLE :: Off-white walls and brilliant-white painted floorboards provide the perfect backdrop to display Sarah’s ever-changing collections of vintage pieces. ‘It’s like I have my own gallery – keeping the shell this basic means I can go crazy with the decorative items,’ says Sarah.

    THE LIVE/WORK CONCEPT :: Sarah left her job as a digital copywriter and designer over a year ago to become a freelance interiors stylist. She also has a vintage fashion and home accessories stall at nearby Portobello Market. In 2009 she set up Supermarket Sarah, an online store selling old and new pieces that she runs from home. She uses a wall in her studio to display items for her website.

    Images via the Daily Mail, UK}

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    Wednesday 7 September 2011

    A wall of wonders :: Supermarket Sarah


    Created by Sarah Bagner, Supermarket Sarah is an innovative online store ~ it’s part gallery, part set decoration featuring an artfully dressed wall of goods with foam boards.

    Running a virtual market stall from her West London apartment – with a ‘wonder wall’ of constantly changing online finds – has given Sarah Bagner carte blanche to indulge her passion for all things vintage. 

    Sarah goes on the hunt for interesting objects at London’s Portobello Market,where she has her own stall.

    “Sarah decided to leave the corporate world behind her and has set up shop in her own home. Her home, round the corner from Portobello Market where she has a stall, is now overflowing with treasures and delights and she welcomes visitors with tea and cakes.”

    Starting in her living room and expanding into public spaces, including a residency at Selfridges, Sarah’s uniquely inspired collaborative “walls” presents curated finds. Walls are designed in collage-like formations assembling them from an eclectic array of new and vintage treasures, art, design, clothing and decorative objects. Nearly everything is one-of-a-kind so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Online shoppers are invited to click and purchase items off the ‘wall’.

    Another characteristic is the collaboration with other creatives such as this one with Frankie magazine.

    It’s Suuuuuuuuupermarket Sarah at Selfridges!

    In January 2011 Supermarket Sarah took a step out of the virtual world with an exclusive pop-up 30ft wall in Selfridges, London. Supermarket Sarah opened her doors to a brand new shop with a wall on the ground floor that was jam packed with new designers and vintage treasures.

    The wall included a gallery where Sarah regularly presented a designer she admires. This innovative retailer’s Selfridges pop-up is full of fancy delights, with the wall divided into 4 sections: Super Stuff, New Designers, Vintage and Gallery. Sarah also blogged on about her new finds and upcoming themes and collections for the wall.

    Divided into four sections; Superstuff, New Designers, Vintage and Gallery the wall featured a host of exciting finds to entice customers. Thanks to her network of young designers, you’re likely to uncover someone completely new from the likes of Swedish Blonde Design, Audrey Roger, Mell Elliot, Lynn Hatzuis, Phoebe Eason, Rina Donnersmarck, Henrietta Swift and Garudio Studiage. Other brands featured were Tatty Devine, Eley Kishimoto and Donna Wilson.

    In this excerpt from Senn and SonsSupermarket Sarah talks about inspiration, entrepreneurship and Swedish design.

    How did you come up with the idea for Supermarket Sarah?
    I was working in digital advertising but was somehow eager to create something personal and work in a more tactile way. I started doing Portobello market on a Friday as my auntie in Sweden had hoards of vintage clothing she wanted to get rid of. I started have a penchant for all things weird and wonderful. I was also working as a stylist and assisting on various amazing shoots…the site evolved as a love child of all that!

    What prompted you to make Supermarket Sarah your full-time venture?
    I had to at one point as otherwise I couldn’t have tested it.

    What were you doing before that, and how did it help you take Supermarket Sarah to the next level?
    All the advertising work I did and in fact everything I’m about has come into play with SS! All my friends and family have also chipped in - for good and bad! It’s been very all-consuming!

    You now have a huge wall set up in Selfridges. How did you take the shop from exclusively online to retail?
    Selfridges initially invited me to do a wall in their Concept store and this was an amazing opportunity.  It was a 30 foot high wall and I commissioned some brilliant “Supermarket” props, sourced all sorts of wonders both vintage and new designer.  It was super to see something which started as an idea in my living room transported to Selfridges! I blogged on the Selfridges site so there was still a connection to the online world and I often talked about where I sourced the items and the stories behind each object online.

    Now I have a pop-up store on the ground floor in the giftware department.  I’ve realised that products need to be stocked in multitude otherwise it somehow scares shoppers. Online you can just offer one, but in reality this makes it seem like a gallery. So now even if something is vintage, I try and offer lots of similar types of things on one shelf. Eg, a variety of vintage spoons, aprons etc.

    Where do you find inspiration?
    At markets, galleries….in little observations…in those few moments when you step outside of yourself and see things in all their absurdity!

    Do you find that Swedish design influences your style?
    Yes, Swedish design is just intrinsic to Swedish Life. From their milk cartons to their undergrounds, to their homes and lifestyle. It’s simple and it just works! For some reason when this translates to other countries it seems really luxury but in Sweden it’s not really like that…and I love Swedish 60′s prints and have various Swedish designers on board! In related advertisements, checkout Instagram Advertising Agencies that can help you with marketing for your business.

    Where do you find all of the items and how do you decide what works together?
    My auntie is a massive hoarder and she has a whole house full of vintage Swedish finds! The Supermarket Sarah network of new designers just grows and grows with each wall…I think the mix of new and old works really well, one compliments the other.

    What have been a few of your favorite collaborations or projects?
    I loved the wall I created with Donna Wilson. We just set to work and sort of played house! She hung her house rug on the wall and then it was like this child-like game of adding objects and imaginary friends….

    And here are some more insights from a Dazed Digital Interview

    DD: What are the differences between your supermarket and a store? This is very much a real manifestation of my online supermarket. Instead of clicking on items on my online wall users will actually remove items directly from it. So in fact, it’s a very similar shopping experience. Each item will have an outline around it, like that of a tool shed. Customers can remove things and then be able to place them back in the same spot.  Our items in Selfridges will be more giftware orientated but they will have the same fun and quirky appeal.

    DD: What’s next for Supermarket Sarah? Walls worldwide! Both in reality and online. In other related articles, checkout this blog on high quality gatorboards signs and how it can help you save and advertise your business at the same time.

    Explore Supermarket Sarah online, follow Sarah’s blog, join her Facebook group, and check out a specially curated wall by previous Daily Dose pick Gabby Young.

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    Friday 29 July 2011

    Missoni + Target = lots of stripes, zigzags & near-hallucinogenic florals


    Maybe I can now afford a Missoni bikini! Italian high end knitwear brand Missoni, will debut a line for Target this fall as a a part of the Go International Series.

    Missoni for Target

    will feature over 400 pieces using the iconic multi-color stripes of the knitwear brand including clothing for women, kids, and men, bedding, iPad covers, bicycles and  enough dinnerware to set the table forcolazione, pranzo, and cena. The line, branded with Missoni’s trademark swirls, zigzags, and loud printed florals, will be available from September 13 to October 22 at US Target stores and online at

    Margherita Missoni is wearing a Missoni for Target Sweater ($45) and Skirt ($40). Dior Necklace. Christian Louboutin Heels.

    “Quality has always been one of the key aspects of Missoni, along with knitwear, pattern, and color,” Margherita Missoni explains. “It’s this artisanal quality that was so important to my grandparents.” 

    After several trips to Milan for the Target team to trawl through the Missoni archives, and Margherita and her mother, Angela, braving a snowstorm in Minneapolis for the final fittings, they couldn’t be happier with the results.

    Missoni for Target Ceramic Rectangular Tray ($20) and Octagonal Tray ($25).

    Missoni for Target Canisters ($20 each).

    Brand ambassador Margherita Missoni stars in both the editorial and television campaign,

    paying homage to mod style in a zigzag mini dress and teased ponytail with matching luggage.

    It’s been a busy time for Missoni :: The Italian fashion house just debuted their line of summer footwear for Havaianas, and collaborations with two more brands: Target and Bugaboo. The Italian company will release a collaboration of sun canopies and bassinet aprons with Bugaboo, priced from $199 to $269, at Neiman Marcusin. “Working with Bugaboo has given me a unique opportunity to create a dream stroller that I hope will be enjoyed by children and will stimulate their senses,” said designer Angela Missoni. via InStyle

    Visit Target for more. {Prices are in US$}

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