Sunday 10 April 2011

    my adventure to Balmain


    Nestled in the heart of Darling Street, Balmain is quintessential duckeggBLUE,

    one of my favourite stores selling industrial and antique furniture as well as collectable objects

    sourced from around the globe by owner, Leanne Carter-Taylor.

    I ventured forth with anticipation of what I would find.

    The adventure began when I left Darlinghurst with the Balmain destination programmed into my iphone. The app said to walk to Central station – a descent walk so I decided to catch a bus into the city and then catch a train. Then I discovered that the train doesn’t go to Balmain. The railway attendent was very helpful and pointed my in the right dirction to get a bus. I waited patiently for the bus to arive and it drove past without stopping! A number of people cursed. I was starting to wonder how badly I really wanted to go to quintessential duckeggBLUE.

    I decided to visit Gaffa Gallery instead, and gave up on the challenge of using public transport to get to Balmian. {Yes, I will use the ferry next time!} Then as I left the gallery a Balmain bus-stop appeared in front of me, and on the bus I jumped.

    These pics capture the allure of quintessential duckeggBLUE.

    And what did I find? A Hovis bread tin!

    I couldn’t resist a cute little Hovis imprinted baking tin. They came in three sizes and the miniature version caught my eye. Apparently a customer bought four the other day to bake little individual breads for a dinner party ~ what a lovely idea.

    Reclaimed from Scotland, original Hovis bread-baking tins, circa 1940/50′s. Exceptionally hard to find and proving very rare. Great for use in the kitchen, or for growing seedlings in the garden.

    Hovis is a UK brand of flour and bread, which began in 1886. The Hovis process using wheatgerm wholemeal flour was patented in 1887 by Richard “Stoney” Smith (1836–1900), and S. Fitton & Sons Ltd developed the brand, milling the flour and selling it along with Hovis branded baking tins to other bakers. The tin enables the bread to have the word “HOVIS” stamped on the surface.

    In 1973, Hovis became lodged in the public imagination through an evocative television advertisement, “Boy on Bike”, directed by Ridley Scott.  The advert featured the slow movement of Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9. The advert was voted Britain’s favourite advertisement of all time was repeated on British television for a 10-day run in May 2006 to commemorate the firm’s 120th anniversary.

    I am yet to use my little find. However, it started a great conversation at dinner with promises of us all having a baking day! I’ll let you know if that eventuates.

    Visit quintessential duckeggBLUE at 497 Darling Street, Balmain. They have an online store  that is updated weekly here. And just next door is duckeggBLUE, with covetable Womenswear labels and a stylish collection of ceramics, candles, soaps, books.

    Thanks to Leanne at quintessential duckeggBLUE for the wonderful images. Leanne Carter-Taylor moved  to Australia from the UK 11 years ago. Four years after landing she set up DuckEggBLUE, after heading up Amnesty International Australia’s buying & merchandising department. Writer and stylist, Natalie Walton has a great interview on her blog,  Daily Imprint.

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    Saturday 9 April 2011

    Mrs. Press Dressing Room


    Clare Press is the gorgeous creative force behind Mrs. Press.

    It was lovely to chat with her when I dropped by her very pretty salon on Oxford Street

    that is filled with her own fashion label, Mrs. Press, and special vintage garments,

    carefully renovated or impeccably preserved.

    Of course I couldn’t leave empty handed!

    The divine shop interior of Mrs. Press, Sydney

    About Mrs Press

    Mrs. Press is a thoroughly modern girl to be sure, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t
    like things to be done properly. That means silk knickers at all times, and the perfect satin
    slip to make a dress look the bee’s knees. Truth be told, she often wears them with nothing
    much else. Our girl loves to loll about at home dressed to thrill. She loves parties too,
    of course. Who doesn’t? Sometimes it feels as if life is one big party.

    As well as fashion Mrs. Press has a sumptuous Dressing Table range of candles and triple milled soaps, scented drawer liners, hand creams, shower gels, body lotions and room sprays in three signature fragrances.

    Clare has a lovely blog –  I could relate this line in her intro!

    … In another life I would live in a villa in Florence, travel with my maid and order my hats from Reboux.

    {Images via Mrs. Press and shop interior pics by Helen Fitzgerald}

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