Saturday 17 December 2011

H is for Horse and Hermes


Beautiful portraits of horses by South African born, British raised photographer Koto Bolofo.

Koto Bolofo’s dream came true in 2004 when he started working for Monde d’Hermès, the Hermès magazine, and met the Chairman.

Mr Dumas asked where I came from. I said South Africa. He asked what part. I said Lesotho.

He was shocked and very excited. He explained that his great great great grandfather was a missionary in Lesotho and that the Zulus used to attack his mission, but the Sothos – my tribe – protected him.

I was very happy to be a Lesothan in Mr Dumas’s office that day.

He called me his cousin and said that his cousin was welcome any time

and I had carte blanche to photograph what I liked in Hermès”.

Koto Bolofo worked his way through all the workshops of the Maison Hermès, getting to know the craftsmen and discovering how everything is made: from handbags, perfumes, scarves, prêt-à-porter, and shoes to the original objects of the house, saddles. Nothing escaped his lens, even the most secret places, such as the museum, a treasure trove of history and all things Hermès tucked away in the midst of the Maison on rue du faubourg St Honoré.

The result is a beautiful book, titled ‘La Maison‘,

revealing behind-the-scenes of one of the oldest fashion houses in France.

 La Maison is a tome of 11 volumes published by Steidl. Each book is dedicated to a theme illustrating the Hermès brand identity: horses, saddles, the Kelly bag, clothes, perfume, the Bugatti Veyron, the gardens, the special orders, silk, John Lobb and the Emile Hermès collection.

Koto Bolofo  is the first photographer to have the privilege of a free licence around the Hermès ateliers.

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Wednesday 8 December 2010

Christmas Carousel Countdown {17 days}


Deer me, the antlers are coming to town.

    Hermes to All!

    A sleigh full of orange boxes ~ I’ve been sooooo good!

    Well, Anything in the “orange box” would be loved (sssshhh!!! Santa knows)!!!

    The reindeer stars in Hermes Winter Ad Campaign.

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    Tuesday 7 December 2010

    Hermes in wonderland


    You should never under estimate a woman in stilettos.

    She may be more powerful than you think.

    The strong and powerful nature of a huge bear paw

    was used as the backdrop to very feminine, lace-up, booties.

    I wish I was wearing Hermes today, I had a prowling work bear!

    Hermes winter ~ Raquel Zimmermann,

    shot at the Ice Hotel in Sweden,

    for a shoot with photographer Eric Valy.

    {Images via Eric Valli at the Ice Hotel in Sweden}

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    Thursday 14 October 2010

    Oh Hermes… how you love to tempt us!


    Strikingly beautiful “L’Air de Paris” {Hermès 2006 Ad Campaign}

    I love the dash of red in this equine inspired Hermès 2006 advertising campaign.

    It was shot beneath the Parisian sky.

    The models are Stella Tennant, Vlada Roslyakova, Mathias Lauridsen… oh plus the gorgeous horse & dog!

    Agency: Publicis EtNous, Paris

    Creative Director: Philippe Chanet

    Photographer: Camilla Akrans

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    Thursday 14 October 2010

    Black Beauty


    Mystical and intriguing.

    Now we can use scarves and ties as Zorro-esque capes, masks, and as escape/entrance methods.

    Lady Zorro, Constance Jablonski, is a secret agent hired by Hermès to promote the new collection.

    Constance – uber sexy and strong, capable of doing nearly everything to achive her goal,

    angles for luxury Hermes bags, and rides a horse to get the desired Hermes scarf.

    Sheathed in leather suits with masks, scarves and eyes to add an air of mystery to the already smoky campaign,

    Lady Zorro is around at night in a mysterious town where

    horse-drawn carriages run through the desolate streets carrying packet glitzy Hermès.

    And her aim now is not revenge or justice, but Hermes fashionable pieces.

    Lensed by Photographer Paolo Roversi, Constance Jablonski is wearing a leather three-piece suit accessorized with a bowler hat and white scarf. This nighttime mystery is presented in Hermes Fall Winter 2010/11 Ad Campaign.

    Hermes Autumn Winter 2010:

    Images via fashion foie gras

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