Monday 7 February 2011

    I love Paris Rabbit


    Bonjour from a beautiful Paris Bunny kit from Mikodesign. I adore both the blue and red versions.

    It is the creation of Erika Harberts ~ a designer who lives in the city centre of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has a delightful blog.

    Helen Bordeaux from objects of Whimsy made her gorgeous Paris rabbit above ~ so lovely!

    To buy the kit {$20US}, visit the Mikodesign Etsy shop.

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    Monday 13 December 2010

    Biddy Bags :: Knitting Nannas :: Social Enterprise


    Biddy Bags products are both a fashion and a social statement.

    Biddie Bags founder Samantha Jockel (middle), with her nanna Ivy Turner and business patron Sarah Blasko.

    Biddy Bags

    is a boutique social enterprise, the brainchild of Samantha Jockel,

    where seniors who knit, crochet and sew

    can be commissioned to create contemporary designs dreamed up by younger women.

    …connects socially isolated nannas and

    mature-aged ladies through craft, economic

    participation and social networking.

    …appreciates and values the skills of

    mature-aged women and challenges the idea

    that the older you get the less you have to

    contribute to society.

    …is inter-generational, combining

    contemporary fresh ideas of young women

    and the skills and crafting abilities of older

    women – to create the Biddy Bags designs.

    Patron: Sarah Blasko

    This is an original Biddy Bag.

    Each Biddy Bags design comes with the story of its maker and each ‘biddy’ shares in the company profits.

    “Even if they’re earning $50 a week from the sale of an $80 bag, it’s significant for the women,” Jockel says.

    Biddy Bags’ market is mostly women aged between 25 and 50, of which Jockel says there are two different types: those who think Biddy Bags’ products are “fun, silly and funky” and those who want to support its ethos of connecting and compensating older women for their time-honoured skills.

    While Jockel is yet to draw a wage from the business – “any money I make is reinvested back into the business”, she was recently named a top-three finalist in Channel 7′s Sunrise Business Builder of the Year awards, which lauds unsung heroes of small business.

    Other woollen strings to her bow have come via recent commissions from the Queensland, New South Wales and South Australian state galleries for her team of ‘nannas’ to create merchandise for the touring Rupert Bunny exhibition and an American impressionism exhibition from New York’s Met. The rest of the time, Biddy Bags sell at the Biddy Bags website, local markets and expo stalls.

    “Initially I didn’t want to make things like tea cosies because I thought they were (ironically) way too nanna, but then I started getting emails from people asking for them. I did the research, found not one business on the internet exclusively selling tea cosies, so figured there must be a gap in the market.”

    Now, the tea cosies are Biddy Bags’ second-biggest seller. As well as the cupcake one featured, there is the iconic pineapple that I love too. Still can’t decide which one to bring home!

    To purchase visit Biddy Bags, and read the recent article in SMH source of the above excerpt.

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    Monday 13 December 2010

    the joy of discovery


    is felt when blogging and finding something new!

    georgina is the creative of perpetual one, the collected & assembled.

    These hand-stamped holiday gift tags with mini-doilies and typed messages are gorgeous.

    i love designs that are

    simple, smart and a little

    bit quirky.

    i like being different.

    i like things with a

    story, a style and a

    quality that is difficult to copy.

    perpetual reflects the one source of a love that lasts for always.



    in 2010 perpetual one adopted a 1960′s Sunliner caravan ‘sunny‘ into the family to be their retail space… a pop-up vintage shop, if you like.

    we travel to local markets and also sell a limited selection on-line.
    you can follow our travels, interests, and vintage finds at our blog.

    If you are lucky enough to live near the Sunshine Coast, you can find ‘Sunny’ at the local markets in Peregian Beach selling vintage wares, collected items and locally handmade goods.

    What a beautiful discovery, thank you the bowerbird stories.

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    Sunday 28 November 2010

    Fabulously fanciful, mysterious and dreamlike light


    Organic and fluid forms,

    rhythm and harmony of line and colour,

    sensuality of materials and softness of light.

    This beautiful light looks like a mysterious sea creature.

    Handmade from wool felting and encorporating modern lighting technology,

    it’s a wonderful fusion of fine art and industrial design.

    The Apaya Limited Editon lamp,

    is designed by Ayala and Albi Serfaty of Aqua Creations.

    Each piece is individually handcrafted. The mixing of pure white merino and mohair wools results in a one-of-a-kind expression of light. The Apaya Collection is made of natural fibers (mohair, silk, and wool), hand- processed with ecological and environmentally friendly products.

    The pure wool and mohair is collected from specialized animal – friendly farms where the sheep are groomed and grown to produce the highest quality of wool fiber and curls. Being the first of its kind, the handmade felted wool is molded into a singular sleeve that is easily slipped over a transparent cylinder that hosts the fluorescent bulbs powered by a digital ballast. Due to the modular quality and multitude of forms and colors the sleeves can easily be removed and exchanged seasonally or by mood.

    Aqua Creations Lighting and Furniture Atelier was founded in 1994 by designer Ayala Serfaty and photographer Albi Serfaty. Aqua Creations is headquartered in Tel-Aviv where all the creative work, design research and manufacturing are completed.

    Their pioneering use of traditional handcraft techniques with advanced lighting technology has put Aqua Creations in the forefront of sustainable design. Despite the growth in the manufacturing and distribution process, the handmade imprimatur still remains, as Aqua Creations’ skilled artisans continue to work on each piece individually, ensuring they are works of art as well as products of design.

    {Images: See more of their beautiful and extraordinary work  at aqua gallery and  here at Modenus}

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