Saturday 14 May 2011

    Black Caviar :: girl power


    Champion mare Black Caviar, widely regarded as the best race horse in the world,

    is the celebrity everyone wants to see as she goes for her 13th straight win today.

    In Chasing a Dream, Les Carlyon wrote “The racehorse is spendidly unscientific. The great ones do what they shouldn’t be able to do. The racehorse is proof that two plus two can still come up nine”.

    Of Caviar in Black

    by Rupert McCall

    I filled my plate with Phar Lap; put some Bernborough on the side
    My champagne glass was Rising Fast in toasting Tulloch’s ride
    I lapped up Manikato and I craved for Kingston Town
    I dined on Might and Power as I drank the Diva down
    A Saintly slice of Sunline had the most immortal flavour
    Octagonal with Northerly, the taste could not be braver
    But then they served another course on racing’s mighty track
    They served a dish of Caviar, of Caviar in Black

    And her texture was colossal as the magic was digested
    Her jet black spots emblazoned on a rider, salmon-crested
    There was something in my stomach that I’d never had before
    A feeling unforgettable that came out with a roar!
    My mind flashed back to Phar Lap in the day of the depression
    It suddenly occurred to me – she’d made the same impression
    And the shiver was electric as it galloped down my back
    When I saw the speed of Caviar, of Caviar in Black

    And behind her and aboard her were the diamonds in the rough
    A horseman from Wyandra who was made of solid stuff
    And a pilot from Manangatang with hands and heels like wings
    You wake up one cold morning and behold, the new day brings!
    It brings a dawn so powerful – an appetite so strong
    The punters thought they’d seen it all… but then she came along
    You spy a humble hurricane and hear the lightning crack
    And you know that it’s the Caviar, the Caviar in Black

    And I want to be beside her when she hurtles down the aisle
    I have to tell my grandkids how she made a poor man smile
    How she made me feel a rich man in my hey day, in my prime
    It needs to start, instinctively, with ‘once upon a time’
    Horses have that special way of making us feel free
    Despite their proud connections, they belong to you and me
    And that’s an epic quality she never seemed to lack
    It’s a simple twist of Caviar, of Caviar in Black

    I ventured to the racecourse just to see her in the flesh
    Expectation, history and inspiration mesh
    And they culminate in something that reverberates with pride
    In the undulating beauty of her mesmerizing stride
    For beyond the sacred stopwatch that defines her famous place
    The telling of the story lives on every person’s face
    And the day will overwhelm me when I cast my memory back
    Just to say I saw the Caviar, the Caviar in Black.

    {Images by Bronwen Healy Photography}

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    Tuesday 2 November 2010

    Horse finale


    On this day of racing, I thought I’d share these winning horse illustrations by rebecca wetzler.

    These images were created for the promo material of the 2008 Dubai Arabian Horse Championships

    and included magazine ads,banners,billboards in London,Paris and UAE and on a boat!

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    Tuesday 2 November 2010

    Hot Tip: The Melbourne Cup is a race for ‘stayers’


    At 3pm today is the race that stops a nation

    ~ Australians across the country will stop to watch the Melbourne Cup.

    The place to be at Flemington racecourse is The Birdcage.

    So You Think

    a striking, young black stallion with the looks of a superhorse

    is carring the hopes of the nation and is the sentimental favourite.

    The mythical Birdcage is a birdwatchers dream with the exotic breeds

    that make the racetrack party zone famous parading around the exclusive marquees,

    all elaborately decorated, built and designed with no expense spared.

    Myer marquee 2009 images by rebecca wetzler

    who worked on an exciting job for Myer on their spring carnival campaign

    with Badjar Ogilvy and Gloss creative.

    I’ll be at trackside today, enjoying the marquee hospitality of Toyota at Eagle Farm.

    Not sure who I will put my money on yet. Good luck to you all!

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    Thursday 14 October 2010

    Oh Hermes… how you love to tempt us!


    Strikingly beautiful “L’Air de Paris” {Hermès 2006 Ad Campaign}

    I love the dash of red in this equine inspired Hermès 2006 advertising campaign.

    It was shot beneath the Parisian sky.

    The models are Stella Tennant, Vlada Roslyakova, Mathias Lauridsen… oh plus the gorgeous horse & dog!

    Agency: Publicis EtNous, Paris

    Creative Director: Philippe Chanet

    Photographer: Camilla Akrans

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    Thursday 14 October 2010

    Black Beauty


    Mystical and intriguing.

    Now we can use scarves and ties as Zorro-esque capes, masks, and as escape/entrance methods.

    Lady Zorro, Constance Jablonski, is a secret agent hired by Hermès to promote the new collection.

    Constance – uber sexy and strong, capable of doing nearly everything to achive her goal,

    angles for luxury Hermes bags, and rides a horse to get the desired Hermes scarf.

    Sheathed in leather suits with masks, scarves and eyes to add an air of mystery to the already smoky campaign,

    Lady Zorro is around at night in a mysterious town where

    horse-drawn carriages run through the desolate streets carrying packet glitzy Hermès.

    And her aim now is not revenge or justice, but Hermes fashionable pieces.

    Lensed by Photographer Paolo Roversi, Constance Jablonski is wearing a leather three-piece suit accessorized with a bowler hat and white scarf. This nighttime mystery is presented in Hermes Fall Winter 2010/11 Ad Campaign.

    Hermes Autumn Winter 2010:

    Images via fashion foie gras

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