Wednesday 13 July 2011

daphne guinness :: undressed on film


More Daphne ~ Fashionista extraordinaire, Daphne Guinness has been beautifully and insightfully captured in these films ~ enjoy discovering more about this icon ~ an artist who paints with her wardrobe.

Daphne Guinness Is Painfully Shy, Uses Fashion As “Armor”

In a new short film by Brennan Stasiewicz on NOWNESS, the heiress reveals that she’s always been extremely shy, and essentially uses fashion to both express and protect herself.

“As I got older and went out into the world I realized it isn’t a very friendly place to be, and I thought, 

We need armor…

When you see a suit of armor and then a portrait of the person who wore it,

you’ll see that the person was sort of tiny and a little feeble,

so they put on this great big suit of armor to look a little more frightening.

Documentary filmmaker Brennan Stasiewicz infiltrates the cosseted world of Daphne Guinness in Daphne’s Window. Featuring intimate footage of the icon at her Fifth Avenue apartment, the short follows the eccentric fashion patron and socialite as she prepares for her recent installation in the windows of Barneys New York. The storefront showcased her collection of pieces by designer Lee Alexander McQueen and a selection from the archive of fashion editor Isabella Blow, which Guinness purchased in its entirety last year. The display culminated in a performance art piece in which Guinness dressed for the Met ball in one of the flagship’s windows, modeling a lilac feathered gown designed by McQueen’s Sarah Burton. “She appears to me as someone always in a window,” says Stasiewicz. “Someone you can approach and see, but you remain on the other side.” This year brings a multitude of projects for the heiress: her sculptural armored glove collaboration with jeweler Shaun Leane (pictured in today’s film) will be exhibited by Jay Jopling in a private viewing in London later this month; and in September a retrospective at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology will pay homage to her style. “Daphne is someone to take pleasure in, and in many ways, someone who incites moments of wonder,” says Stasiewicz.  Nowness

Daphne Guinness in Vogue Italia interviewed by Grazia D’Annunzio. 

Directed by Francesco Carrozzini and edited by Massimo Finotti.

Fashion and art-loving Daphne Guinness is surely one of the most eccentric and intriguing figures of our time. Petite and curious, she considers haute couture an essential part of Western culture. She loves being surrounded by artists to absorb their genius and inspire their creativity. Vogue

In Fashion, Daphne Guinness ~ Fashion Director Alex Fury speaks with Guinness on aspects of a life rich in the appreciation of art, beauty and luxury.  This insightful interview one of fashion’s most experimental, philanthropic and inimitable characters shares her views and experiences of working and playing with some of the most significant figures in fashion and wearing some of the world’s most beautiful clothes. To see this intimate portrait of one of British fashion’s most unique forces go to SHOWstudio.


Daphne Guinness, Fashion’s Wild Child :: What Daphne Guinness is not, she insists, is eccentric. “I truly hate the word,” she said recently, a complaint uttered first in a telephone call from London and repeated from 35,000 feet above the Atlantic as she flew to the South of France for Christmas (as a stipulation of the Guinness-Niarchos divorce settlement, her children spend the holidays with their father’s family). “I’m actually very grounded,” she added. “Also, eccentrics are almost asexual, and that is not something you can say of me, by any means.” 

For Ms. Guinness, her wardrobe antics and often outlandish appearances in public “are kind of an ever-evolving art project,” she explained. “When I was a child,” being raised largely among the haute bohemians of the wealthy expatriate colony of Cadaqués, Spain, Ms. Guinness said: “I was overly serious and thoughtful, a real tomboy, always dressing up as a knight or a pirate or a red Indian. If there is anything you can say about me, it’s that I have not lost the imagination I had when I was 5 years old.” GUY TREBAY

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Sunday 10 July 2011

Daphne Guinness + her diamond glove armour


Contra Mundum ~ Latin for “Against the World” is a 5 year bespoke ‘glove’ project. A magnificent diamond glove by the creative spirit of a fashion icon and jewellery designer.

Over five years, Daphne Guinness in collaboration with Shaun Leane, created a white gold and platinum glove, studded with over 5,000 pavé white diamonds, set in the shape of a bird formation, and weighing over a thousand grams in 18ct white gold.

The Glove :: A diamond set armour-inspired piece

Striking diamond birds cascade around the arm, as though caught in mid-flight.

The hand is protected with a bold metal cuff, hand-forged and beautifully engraved.

Made in two parts, the cuff can be worn alone as a hand glove, or extended into an evening glove. Every detail in the piece, including the chainmail, has been carefully constructed by hand to ensure a perfect fit to Daphne’s arm. The glove was molded from Guinness’ own hand, and is a stylized armour made of precious metals, studded with gems.Delicate chainmail forms the foundation of this highly fantastical gauntlet; each ring looped in one by one to create an exact formation tailored to the individual. Striking diamond birds cascade around the arm, as though caught in mid-flight. Skilfully supporting the framework is a shimmering diamond branch that elegantly wraps around the upper arm. The hand is protected with a bold metal cuff, hand-forged and beautifully engraved. Birds are layered on the surface of the cuff amongst the sculpted branches. Carved in gold and set with diamonds, they soar among the delicate engraving as though liberated by the blowing wind. Made in two parts, the cuff can be worn alone as a hand glove, or extended into an evening glove. {Fashion Telegraph}

Five people worked on this piece, including Shaun – each craftsman was handpicked according to their fields of expertise. So it meant that, for example, the stone setter picked would have to hand set all of the 5000 pave diamonds. One craftsman looped each jump-ring by hand, one by one, to ensure a perfect fit to Daphne’s arm – this process has taken over half of the 5 years. {Fashion Telegraph}

Jay Jopling hosted an intimate evening in celebration of the completion of ‘Contra Mundum’ at White Cube Gallery. The exclusive launch was attended by Tom Ford, Suzy Menkes, Lily Cole, Livia Firth and Alexander McQueen’s Creative Director Sarah Burton.

Guests watched Daphne’s beautiful presentation of the piece

~ dressed in the bespoke glove and shrouded in white silk tulle, her lie-in state as her gloved hand lay over the tulle and rested on her upper-body and symbolised the concept of the objet d’art;

Sir Thomas Malory’s compilation of the legendary tales of the Knights of the Round Table.

As the evening drew to a close, guests were presented with a gift bag containing a solitaire diamond and a beautiful message signed by Shaun and Daphne as a remembrance of a beautiful summer evening. PR Web

Daphne Guinness was “laid in state” by Gareth Pugh to celebrate her collaboration with British jeweler, Shaun Leane. Daphne is no stranger to theatrical installations, but she outdid herself this time. In typical Guinness fashion she was laid out in a sheer Alexander McQueen bodysuit with an antique veil. The only exposed body part was her arm in a one-of-a-kind chain mail glove made of gold and diamonds.

This piece is for sale for 1.7 million dollars and is made of 18-carat white gold.

The background story {Fashion Telegraph}

In recent years, Guinness has developed a fascination with armour, and it was while she was out one night with McQueen and Leane that she decided to create some of her own.

‘We were at one of those enormous events where we were huddled in a corner going, “What are we doing here?” Anyway, I said, “Wouldn’t it be great to have some armour?” And so Shaun said, “All right, then.” And two or three weeks later, there I was, with my arm in a bucket.’

Once a cast had been taken of her arm, it took four years and many fittings to create the glove they have just completed. It started out as a straightforward commission, a bespoke piece of silver jewellery that Leane would create to fit Guinness’s arm exactly. But silver turned out to be too soft so they went for white gold, and as they added more and more to the piece – chain mail handmade to fit her arm completely, intricate articulated fingers, more than 5,000 diamonds creating decorative birds along the arm – it became a collaboration, funded and owned jointly by the two of them. Now that it is complete, it will be exhibited, then offered for sale.

For them it has become less a fashion item, more a work of art, something that pushes the boundaries of fine jewellery and symbolises their friendships with each other, and with Blow and McQueen, who was to design a spectacular dress to go with the glove. They have called it Contra Mundum: ‘It’s sort of us against the world. It’s about wanting to watch, but not wanting to be seen. I feel it’s a pact, if that makes any sense. And I’m not sure I could wear it to go out now, because it means too much.’

{Images 1. & 9. Photographer Nick Knight; 2-4 via Fashion Telegraph; 6-8 via Vitalic Noise}

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Wednesday 22 June 2011

“Gosh, being married, that was my ‘caged bird’ period”


Daphne Guinness {on marriage}…

I thought this painting captures the loneliness, beauty and confinement of golden chains.

The Gilded Cage by St George Hare, 1857-1933 at Stourhead

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Wednesday 22 June 2011

A birdlike, ethereal creature


Daphne Guinness

is famous for her delicate beauty,

skunk-striped coif, eccentric haute couture ensembles,

bespoke baubles and towering,

one-of-a-kind Christian Louboutin platform shoes.

lithe spirit; With her uniquely whimsical sense of style, the oh-so-slim taste- and moviemaker Daphne Guinness is a fashion designer’s dream.

Most people close to the style icon speak of her as

a feather-in-the-wind type,

delicate and whimsical, as well as impossible to catch.

Daphne Guinness by Steven Klein in “The Honourable Daphne Guinness” for Vogue Italia, September 2008

If Daphne Guinness Could flap her Lace Head Wings

she might Float Away…

A delicate dove….

“Gosh, being married, that was my ‘caged bird’ period”


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Wednesday 22 June 2011

Black & White Guinness


Daphne Guinness

is an enigma,

with her trademark blond-and-black hair and bold sense of style.

Despite the grandeur of most of her ensembles,

she subscribes to a mostly monochromatic wardrobe

with the occasional dash of cobalt or scarlet.

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Wednesday 22 June 2011

Noir Guinness


I love these sultry Guinness black pics of the avant-guard style icon.





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Friday 6 May 2011

Daphne Guinness :: she’s an icon


So much bling! I just can’t resist posting this pic ~ it is one of my favourite Daphne images! It captures her unique style and beauty.

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Friday 6 May 2011

Top Exquisiteness


    The Philip Treacy’s Touch“: Daphne Guinness in Vogue Italia.

    {Source: The Terrier and Lobster via (Scala Regia}

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    Friday 6 May 2011

    Daphne Guinness dressing for McQueen


    Style icon, and performance artist Daphne Guinness blurred the line between fashion, art, and pre-party primping when she dressed for the Costume Institute Gala Benefit in Barneys’ Manhattan flagship window, emerging in a pale-gray duck and ostrich feathery McQueen gown.

    Donning an Alexander McQueen creation in a live art performance, her intention was to

    ‘both honor his memory and bring his unparalleled artistic vision to life once again.’

    “I went for a meeting with Dennis Freedman, the creative director of Barneys, and to my considerable astonishment found myself agreeing to his exciting but giddying proposition to hand over the windows of Barneys for a six-week run starting May 2 to showcase pieces from my own collection that have special resonance for me,” she told US Vogue. “What was I thinking? As the crowning moment of the installation, I will be getting dressed and readied for the Costume Institute Gala in the windows — me as performance art! I am hoping that my costume (McQueen, of course), will fit.”

    Donning a design by Alexander McQueen, she will both honor his memory and bring his unparalleled artistic vision to life once again.

    Rather than get ‘frocked-up’ in the comfort of her own boudoir for the coveted event,

    Ms Guinness chose to get ready in front of the crowds who gathered in front of the iconic Barneys window,

    where they watched her ‘dressing’ performance silhouetted in a sheer pane,

    captured here by the New York Post, and the exit here.

    Starting with a revealing gold bodysuit, Guinness eerily slithered across the window display with her face and head wrapped in sheer scarves before slinking into a cubicle of frosted glass. ‘To be covered expresses part of her grief,’ said Dennis Freedman, Barneys’ creative director.

    And true to her word, the dramatic spectacle culminated with the gown which Guinness wore to the Met Ball that evening – a lilac feathered creation with exaggerated hips designed by Sarah Burton and first paraded onAlexander McQueen’s S/S ‘11 catwalk last October. As for the finishing touch, the scarves were unravelled to reveal that signature lightning bolt of silver in her jet black hair, before she was whisked off to the festitivies in an open top car.


    If you are lucky enough to be in New York, you may catch a glimpse of Daphne during the six-week installation as she will return to the Barneys flagship windows several times. Each appearance will be streamed live on

    {Images 1. Daphne Guinness: The Real Daphne Guinness – Bazaar March 2011 by David Bailey;  2-7 via Grazia Dailydaphne guinness}

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    Friday 25 February 2011

    Distilling the divine, indefinable Ms. Guinness.


    Daphne Guinness creates her  signature scent with Comme des Garcons.

    Daphne Eau de Parfum

    A sexy, sultry scent made for a goddess.

    Her eponymous fragrance is the two-and-a-half years of mingling her favorite aromas to find that one perfect aromatic essence. It was produced by Comme des Garçons at the invitation of Adrian Joffe, under the eye (and nose) of parfumer Antoine Lie.

    “For me, [scent] is time travel. It takes you away from the everyday and you are transported to something in your past. It’s a very mysterious thing. It’s magic.”

    Apothecary Shop, c.1920s

    Scent recipe: Taking smells from Guinness’s favorite places on earth, Daphne has a top note of incense, a heart of tuberose and a base note of oud (the resin from an extremely rare Southeast Asian tree). She was granted unprecedented access to the famous Givaudan lab to collaborate on Daphne, adding notes of saffron, Florentine iris, bitter Italian orange, and Madagascar vanilla, a process she describes as “getting to play with the philharmonic orchestra.”

    Her personal blend of incense, tuberose, and oud triggers potent memories. The tuberose and cedar, she says, take her back to her mother’s garden in Cadaques, Spain; the incense sparks visions of High Church rituals during childhood; the oud speaks to her sense of adventure.

    The principal note of tuberose, a night-blooming perennial flower native to Mexico, reminds her of her mother, who passed away in 2005, and the flower market in Spain she visited every summer.

    “We always used to have these huge vats of them (tuberose), and they would just fill the house with scent all summer long. I would collect them and put them all on greaseproof paper with a kind of gel, and then you leave it for a few days. Then you’d scrape off the gel and have a sort of essence…they’re not beautiful in the peony sense of the word, but the smell is unlike anything else. I love it.”

    Since childhood, Guinness has combined essential oils with an alcohol base to make her own perfume.

    “I used to do it with pressed flowers. I know it sounds bizarre, but that’s the kind of person I am.”

    “Fragrance takes you on a journey of time,” she explains.

    “You can walk down the street and pass someone and get taken back 20 years. It’s very Proustian that way.”

    When asked how important fragrance is to her style, Guinness replied, “Huge. Huge. It’s a ritual…”

    Who can wear it: Definitely not a wallflower scent, rich, heady Daphne is surprisingly accessible and addictive. Fashionistas, arty types and scent connoisseurs who want heads to turn in their fragrant wake should definitely check this out.

    With a limited run of 4,000 bottles, Daphne comes in a red velvet pouch in a box that feels like it’s made of linen cardboard and is textured white on the outside but satin black on the inside. The bottle is of thick glass in an elegant but modern shape. “Daphne” is etched into its belly.

    THE LAUNCH ~ Sipping margaritas whilst watching Daphne’s beautifully shot 3-D film Mnemosyne (the Greek goddess of memory), for a moment guests were transported into her magical world at Dover Street Market in London who hosted a party to launch the perfume.

    “I wanted to make something beautiful to go with the fragrance that has a life of its own,”

    she says of the video, a Web-released “anti-ad” that doesn’t have a single logo or bottle in it.


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