Saturday 31 December 2011

    mulberry’s candy-bright spring campaign is the perfect new year’s eve treat


    Mulberry’s Beach Spring :: inspired by a trip to the retro English seafront for its spring 2012 collection.

    Surrounded by oversized sweet treats, and soaking up the sun at Brighton Pier. and Beach

    Life is sweet!

    This retro themed  Mulberry Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign was captured by photographer

    Tim Walker (his third stint with Mulberry) and stars models Frida Gustavsson and Lindsey Wixon

    lounging on oversize ice cream cones and candy for a sunny day out.

    Notions of surrealism are peppered through this editorial as the giant melting ice cream scoops

    blend seamlessly with the delicious garments.

    It is remincent of  the nostalgic tunes of the Mr.Whippy van during summer vacation.

    Both girls model classic Bayswater bags as they pose on the rocky shore. Frida wears a summery green ensemble,

    while Lindsay reclines in a yellow and cream coloured outfit.

    Mulberry Spring 2012 Ad Campaign | First Look
    Photographer: Tim Walker
    Art direction by Ronnie Cookie Newhouse, Set design by Andy Hillman
    Models: Frida Gustavsson & Lindsey Wixson

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    Saturday 22 October 2011

    Stylish + fun loving ~ I’m a frûche girl!


    And I’m dreaming of winning a VIP Crown Oaks Day experience

    at the legendary birdcage inside the frûche marquee with Miss J. Only wake me if it’s true!

    I’m really enjoying the highly-styled, playful fashion executions of the latest frûche campaign

    featuring international style icon J Alexander

    ~  the flamboyant TV personality and stylist known for his daringness and pizzazz.

    J.Alexander brings all of frûche’s attributes to life – great style and great taste.
    We’re bringing some style and a sense of fun to the supermarket dairy aisle.” 
    frûche Brand Manager Brooke Tierney.
    J. Alexander is introducing an element of creative flair and sophisticated individuality to the campaign. The public relations component will predominantly focus on the fashion sector – incorporating sponsorship and some very cool events.

    Fabulous frûche flash mob  :: Flinders Street Station was hit with a dazzling display of colour, fun and excitement

    welcoming the first day of Spring in a stylish showcase of all things

    fashion, fabulousness and frûche!

     I’m J.Alexander and I’m bringing some style to the dairy aisle.

    Victorian commuters were halted in their tracks recently when frûche style ambassador, J.Alexander, made an unforgettable entrance at Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station for the world’s first ever fashion frûche mob. The pop-up event showcased Australian fashion and kicked off with a bang as DJ Jean cranked the Fat Boy Slim’s hit track, ‘Weapon Of Choice’. Eight dancers dressed in suits and choreographed by the famed Sydney Dance Company emerged through the mob, followed by J.Alexander.

    Seventeen beautifully styled models emerged showcasing the Spring/Summer collections from the design houses of: Akira Isogowa, Easton Pearson, Aurelio Costarella, Kirrily Johnston, Megan Park, Lisa Ho, White Suede, Life With Bird, Alpha60, Dhini, Arnsdorf, Tallulah, Joveeba, Limedrop, S!X, Vixen and Material By Product all styled by Virginia Dowzer.

    Chadstone Shopping Centre ran a competition to have brunch with the fabulous Miss J in the gorgeous Bouchée Café, surrounded by a world of style and some of Australia’s most inspirational designers.

    frûche is a soft, spoon hugging traditional European style fromage frais :: following a competitive pitch, the frûche marketing team appointed Melbourne public relations and brand development agency Style Counsel to create the campaign and Starcom Media Vest to drive all aspects of media strategy and buying.

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    Friday 14 October 2011

    My Angel Girlfriend


    The angels have fallen once again, enticed by the seductive fragrance of Lynx Excite to move in with the men of earth. But but being an angel in love is not always plain sailing…

    {The Lynx Effect} :: Amnesia Razorfish creates a digital destination for the Lynx brand.

    Hundreds of thousands of satisfied men.
    A happy brand.
    A webby award.

    We believe the best way to describe this project is to look for yourself. Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple and despite the incredible depth and detail within the site you don’t need a guided tour or instructions to get the point. At the heart of the Lynx brand; ‘Light hearted, playful fantasy’. We think we nailed it – full screen, hot looking girls, heaps of fun, innovation, oh and a few cans of Lynx.

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    Friday 7 October 2011

    You Never Know When


    Quirky, original and entertaining… and I like the song by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

    ~ may be you meet someone lovely today!

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    Monday 3 October 2011

    antler too ~ hey


    Stag night :: join the Nocturnal Migration!

    Migrating deer descend on innercity Auckland for a night out to the tune of The Prodigy’s ‘Breathe’.

    This Tooheys Extra Dry TV ad stars The Stag, which has been the Tooheys brand symbol since 1869.

    Representing Tooheys Extra Dry drinkers as they gather together and experience a night out, the stags in the television with jumobtron screens campaign unite and share the ultimate journey – the nocturnal migration.

    “You head out towards the city, come together with your mates, go from a bar, to a club or a gig, gathering more people around you as you go. The similarities with herding animals are striking; we drink, we graze and we congregate at our urban watering holes.” Jon Bradshaw

    The commercial was created by agency BMF Sydney, and directed by renowned director, Garth Davis. It was shot entirely in Auckland over five intensive days and nights in both the city and suburban areas. It features real deer, which for two months were trained by specialist trainers to ‘act’ out specific scenes for the commercial. At all times during the shoot, two-metre high fences were erected to protect the closed off city and suburban streets and to enable the deer space to roam freely and come together naturally as a herd. It was many of these scenes of the deer congregating and migrating that have been used in the final commercial. Post-production company ALT.VFX used motion capture technology on the deer, recruiting specialist talent from all over the world to ultimately create what is the TED nocturnal migration.

    The TVC is supported by an outdoor, print and digital campaign featuring stags as well as street posters and giant paste-ups placed around the city on nocturnal migration routes. A ‘teaser’ print and online campaign kicked off a week before the TVC launch to build intrigue and interest. These teaser ads ran as a strip in the early general news section of metropolitan newspapers around the nation. Devoid of branding, the advertisement only made reference to a nocturnal migration and Sunday’s launch date.

    {Source: Campaign Brief}

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    Friday 9 September 2011

    Choosing the right investment for you


    1. Review your needs and goals
    It’s well worth taking the time to think about what you really want from your investments.

    Knowing yourself, your needs and goals and Your appetite for risk is a good start, so start by filling in a loanload couk Money fact find.

    2. Consider how long you can invest
    Think about how soon you need to get your money back.

    Time frames vary for different goals and will affect the type of risks you can take on. For example:

    If you’re saving for a house deposit and hoping to buy in a couple of years, investments such as shares or funds will not be suitable because their value goes up or down. Stick to cash savings accounts like Cash ISAs.
    If you’re saving for your pension in 25 years’ time, you can ignore short-term falls in the value of your investments and focus on the long term. Over the long term, investments other than cash savings accounts tend to give you a better chance of beating inflation and reaching your pension goal.

    3. Make an investment plan
    Once you’re clear on your needs and goals, for example, this being investing on Henyep Markets – and have assessed how much risk you can take – draw up an investment plan.

    This will help you identify the types of product that could be suitable for you.

    A good rule of thumb is to start with low risk investments such as Cash ISAs.

    Then, add medium-risk investments like unit trusts if you’re happy to accept higher volatility.

    Only consider higher risk investments once you’ve built up low and medium-risk investments.

    Even then, only do so if you are willing to accept the risk of losing the money you put into them.

    4. Diversify!
    It’s a basic rule of investing that to improve your chance of a better return you have to accept more risk.

    But you can manage and improve the balance between risk and return by spreading your money across different investment types and sectors whose prices don’t necessarily move in the same direction – this is called diversifying.

    It can help you smooth out the returns while still achieving growth, and reduce the overall risk in your portfolio.

    5. Decide how hands-on to be

    If you want to be hands-on and enjoy making investment decisions, you might want to consider buying individual shares – but make sure you understand the risks.
    If you don’t have the time or inclination to be hands-on – or if you only have a small amount of money to invest – then a popular choice is investment funds, such as unit trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs). With these, your money is pooled with that of lots of other investors and used to buy a wide spread of investments.
    If you’re unsure about the types of investment you need, or which investment funds to choose, get financial advice.

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