Monday 23 April 2012



    Glorious 19th century chateau set in the Dordogne area of France.

    Take me away please for my Marie Antoinette moment!

    Dreaming of staying in this beautiful chateau,

    and with 11 bedrooms there’s room for a few friends to join me!

    {Images via Air Spaces}

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    Friday 5 November 2010

    Time stands still at Chateau de Montgeoffroy


    Chateau Montgeoffroy in the Loire Valley.

    The central building was built in the 18th century in between the 16th century wings with rounded turrets.

    The moat and chapel are also from the 16th century.

    Portrait of Erasme de Contades, dressed for battle,  who commissioned Montgeoffroy.

    The butler’s pantry, overlooking the front courtyard, with its marble floor and sink.

    The Grand Salon with its Versailles parquet floor.  So elegant with shades of grey & yellow.

    The family has recently refreshed the upholstery – many of which originally came from Braquenie.

    I adore these Louis XV chairs with their graceful, curving lines and painted finishes.

    The bottom cushions are plump, filled with down.

    A close up of the French door, showing its age from shows centuries of use.

    In early pictures, the yellow chairs appear in a striped fabric. Here is the portrait of the original owner.

    This room is done in the beautiful Anet by Pierre Frey’s Braquenie.

    Pierre Frey fabric called Aix de Provence, shows 18th century flower vases and angels.

    The kitchen area, with hanging arrangement of horns & collection of original 260 copper pots.

    The beautiful, graceful iron staircase with stone tread and risers.

    The empty stables and horse drawn carriages, left over from another generation.

    Of all the 300 magnificent chateaus in the famous Loire Region in France,

    Chateau de Montgeoffroy,

    one of the last to be built,  is considered one of the finest.

    The region surrounding the Loire, France’s longest river,  is known as the Valley of the Kings, or the Royal River,  because so many French royals and noblemen built houses among the vineyards and gently rolling lands that make up the fertile landscape.   Many of these chateaux were built on older sites dating from medieval times and even further back, on the fortress ruins of Neolithic sites.  Most were built using the white limestone (Pierre de Loire) found in the region, giving a certain unified appearance to the graceful and elegant chateaux.

    What sets Montgeoffroy apart from other Loire chateaux is simple – it has remained the same as it was when it was built.  A time capsule of sorts, it provides a glimpse into everyday life among the privileged few right before the outbreak of the Revolution.    Montgeoffroy was one of the few chateaux to escape destruction during those violent times of Marie Antoinette.   Nothing of Chateau Montgeoffroy has changed through the centuries  – all the furniture and household goods that were listed on inventories taken before the Revolution remain  in the house today.

    The chateau, located in Maze, was built in the 18th century between 1772 and 1775, but its history dates back several centuries before that.     The two distinctive round towers of the chateau, the moat and the chapel date back to 1543.  The main large, central portion was designed by Nicolas Barre for Erasme de Contades who was the commander of the German army during the Sevens Years War.   The Marquis had several mistresses which he kept in secret rooms he had built in the chateau.  One apartment even had a spiral staircase that led to the mistress’s handmaiden’s room. Chateau de Montgeoffroy is considered a masterpiece of the 18th century French architecture,  and the family opens part of the chateau to visitors each summer.

    {Images by French magazine Art and Decoration via cote de texas}

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