Sunday 21 August 2011

Liana Yaroslavsky’s Charming French Atelier


More Liana infatuation! Enjoy this re-posting featuring the artist’s atelier from Swell City Guide.

Liana fondly refers to her atelier as her “little nest.”

It is a warm, tranquil and inspiring place where she is able to channel her inner peace

and deeply connect with her artistic ideas and creativity.

High ceilings, white walls and parquet flooring the color of honey create a haven where she can escape and tend to her creations undisturbed. Only the sun peaks in through large windows, its rays reflecting off of floor-length mirrors and elegant crystal chandeliers that bathe the atelier in peace, clarity and light.

The spacious, 105m² workspace also doubles as Liana’s showroom where admirers and the curious can gather to view her exclusive table creations. Her extraordinary collection is unlike any other, as novelties like glass baubles, crystal bubbles and entire chandeliers are somehow magically encased in a transparent veil of glass. Once inside Liana’s atelier, the connection between its luminous character and her ingenious table collection is revealed.

And here is an excerpt from Design Ties that captures Liana’s compelling and fascinating life story.

Liana was born in Leningrad and lived a young life filled with art, music, and end evenings at the Kirov Ballet. Her grandfather played the piano, her grandmother painted waterclours, and her father was an art book editor.

When Liana turned 9, she and her mother emigrated to Israel, leaving her father and grandmother behind in Russia. Ten years later, Liana did military service, going for 4:00AM runs and learning how to use weapons. And at the same time, she was taking dance and art classes and becoming a model. By the age of 20, she had been married and divorced.

She left Israel to go to New York with a film director. She learned sculpting, painting, and graphic design at Parsons School of Design and joined the largest graphic arts studio in New York City after graduating. Then she promptly quit to marry a Frenchman and move to Paris. She became the artistic director at a graphic design agency there, and eventually created her own studio. And then as she wondered if someone would discover her, she discovered herself.

Liana had a Murano chandelier she had fallen in love with, but she didn’t know what to do with it. One day, she decided to change her coffee table. She took the chandelier, turned it upside down, spread out the branches like flowers on a bed of 19th century watercolours, and put it all into a plexiglass cube. It was Liana’s first creation, and the start of the realization of her dream to create art.

{Images via Design Ties & Swell City Guide}

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Friday 19 August 2011

table decadence :: Liana Yaroslavsky


Liana Yaroslavsky is a Paris-based artist and designer who proves that the beauty of traditional chandeliers can be found on the floor as well as on the ceiling.

The “Haute Couture Coffee Tables” collection by Liana

combines baroque decadence with modern materials, and are assembled in her Parisian studio.

Yaroslavsky has created a series of artistic coffee tables with a limited edition of 12 in each story. The plexiglass coffee tables are filled with antique chandeliers that have been dismantled and recreated in an exciting, eye-catching way. Materials such as Murano glass chandeliers, Napoleon III tapestries, Versailles floors and Bohemian crystals are some examples of the unique nature of Yaroslavsky’s deliciously decadent work.

Decadence ~ Swedish chandelier, its crystal braiding falls like fine champagne from a gold leafed crown over the 18-century tapestry of Napoleon III with its serpentine arabesques.

Maure de Venise ~ Black mirror occupies the floor base while a black crystal Murano chandelier rests on top, its branches shooting out through the plexiglass.

L’Esquisse ~ 19th century watercolors are strewn about the base of the table under the 17th century Murano chandelier, its branches dispersed like a fallen star.

Cocaine ~ a broken lustre white chandelier lies on a snow white tile base, like a junkie who succumbs to the merciless white lady.

Le Bal ~ Inspired by the Tsar’s royal ball in Anna Karenina, Le Bal includes piano keys, wings made from real feathers, 19th century piano compositions, and two crystal chandeliers.

Liana’s own description is quite poetic: “The scence, inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, centers around the Tsar’s royal ballet. Keys of a neglected piano form a circular fan around two white wings made from real feathers…we are, after all, at the Ball of Angels. 19th century piano compositions for lovers are scattered within the base of the coffee table.  The crystal chandelier (also 19th c.) are embellished with feathers. Allegro moderato, yes, but who is leading this dance? Who are the dancers? The answer is obvious: our own imagined memories.” 

The ‘Haute Couture Coffee Tables’ collection by artist and graphic designer turned furniture innovator Liana Yaroslavski mixes baroque decadence with modern materials. Venetian chandeliers are dismantled, turned upside down and put back together to be encased in sleek plexiglass; precious and rare tapestries, original Versailles floors, Bohemian crystals and the like are incorporated into the mix like a still life painting of unexpected styles. Yaroslavski does all the fabrication and assembly in her Parisian studio, but the beginnings of her collection were unexpected even to the designer herself.

After falling in love with and buying a Murano chandelier at Drouot, Liana had the brilliant idea of incorporating it in to an old coffee table she was in the process of rejuvenating. “I turn the chandelier upside down, spread its branches on a bed of watercolours and inserted the whole thing in a plexiglass cube,” she explains. “This is my first creation.”

After years of development and the chemistry of creation,

Liana Yaroslavsky has produced a collection of tables with a

sophisticated mix of Versailles and Rock ‘n’ Roll aesthetics.

And how we do adore them!

Qld Homes

{Images and source Liana Yaroslavsky website ` it’s beautiful with the most divine artist sketches}

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Sunday 24 April 2011

High Tea


It’s a high tea sort of day, and the Royal wedding countdown has begun.

“… a little while ago i worked with romi from bo peep productions on this amazing kitchen tea that she styled. she arranged the most beautiful party and i made a variety of  white + rustic style sweets to suit. the sweets list included a vanilla bean buttercream cake, cake pops, vanilla + coconut macarons, scones, profiteroles, belgian white chocolate rocky road, lemon glazed knot cookies, white chocolate apples and sponge rolls…” Naomi

{Kitchen tea styled by Bo Peep Productions []. Photography by natalie hunfalvay for hello naomiherehere.}

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Tuesday 4 January 2011

black chandelier


    How divine!

    These Decades that We Never Sleep, Black Light 2004 by Terence Koh

    Press here to see what materials were used to create this decadent chandelier.

    {Image via.cherry coloured}

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    Saturday 30 October 2010

    Lovely Bones


    There is beauty in bones, expand your mind.

    If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet,

    you’d best teach it to dance.

    George Bernard Shaw

    {Image via unnaturalist}

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    Tuesday 26 October 2010

    Swinging from the Chandelier & Chair Tricks


    Gorgeously clever!

    MODEL: Tiiu Kuik

    PHOTOGRAPHER: jean-baptiste mondino

    This is one of my favourite posts ever!

    {Image via}

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