Saturday 29 September 2012

    the artistic beauty in blue and white porcelain


    Shin Koyama ::  a Japanese born artist based in Australia, Japan and China.

    Large scale urns and ceramics pillows are painted with characters from myths and everyday life.

    Born in Japan, but now residing in Brisbane for most of the year, Shin Koyama is an artist influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. Shin is practiced in various mediums, including printmaking, ceramics and acrylics, and depicts contemporary themes and issues using traditional Japanese iconography and methods.

    I discovered the beautiful work  of Shin Koyama at Artisan’s Ivory Street window installation.  

    Born 1947 in Isesaki, Japan, Shin began work as a textile designer in Ishihara Sangyo as the fifth generation of the family weaving business. After a long career as a freelance illustrator and printmaker in Tokyo, Shin moved to Australia in 1983, where he established a printmakers gallery in Sydney. He is now based in Brisbane, Queensland and Fukuoka, Japan.

    Working across various media, including printmaking, ceramics and acrylics, Shin deals with contemporary themes while drawing on traditional Japanese iconography and methodologies. His latest work is a re-examination of the narratives of Ryunosuke Akutagawa, author of Rashomon, and the way in which he deals with archetypal notions of fate and damnation.

    Before leaving Japan Shin won major illustration prizes in Tokyo including the 1974 Japan Printmakers Grand Pix, and the 1971 Kodansha Famous School Grand Prix.

    In 2010 he established a ceramic painting studio in Jingdezhen, China at the invitation of Sanbao International Ceramic Institute. He has regular exhibitions at the Institute and is represented in the permanent collection of the Sanbao International Ceramic Museum.

    Vogue Living features an article on Shin Koyama and his residency at the ancient Ming Dynasty pottery village in Sanbao, China. While there Shin made large scale Blue & White urns and ceramic pillows.

    Shin Koyama is represented by  Jan Manton Art Gallery, Spring Hill QLD. Visit the website.

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    Saturday 21 January 2012

    Ceramik B


    Basma Osama is the ceramicist behind the ceramic concept studio Ceramik B locate in Montreal, Canada.

    Minimalist porcelain cups, bowls, plates and serving pieces ~ lovely tableware.

    {Images via 79 Ideas}

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    Sunday 24 April 2011

    Paloma’s Nest


    A good egg :: custom ceramic egg with hand stamped text

    ~ a symbol of spring, hope, and renewal from Paloma’s Nest.

    With the arrival of every season comes a time for regeneration, rebirth, prosperity, and hope…

    there is no better symbol for these things than

    the Egg.

    The egg is slip-cast from pure white clay in the same dimensions and smooth texture as a real egg,

    making it quite the little piece of “trompe-l’œil.” Each is hand stamped in black ink with the word,

    phrase or text of your choice.

    Each egg will arrive in its own “nest,” lovingly tucked inside a gift box ready to give to a dear friend.

    Caroline Colom Vasquez is an artist and designer living in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Her brand, Paloma’s Nest, is dedicated to creating Handcrafted Modern Heirlooms – pieces for the home and for the heart.

    Caroline, along with her husband José and their team of artisans, strive to create items of meaning and purpose from natural materials, while leaving the characteristics true. By adding text to the designs, written ideas, feelings, and daydreams are given a place to rest. When names and dates are added, the designs take on special meaning for the recipient and instantly become a Modern Heirloom, cherished for years to come.

    Every Paloma’s Nest piece – no matter the material – is hand cut, freeform, with no pattern, and every single tiny letter is hand stamped, one by one. This gives each piece its own special variation in the size, shape and layout of the text.

    The eggs are available at Paloma’s Nest on Etsy. {Also the source of the images & text}

    Today I will ponder the text I will request on my egg…

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    Tuesday 28 December 2010

    Four Calling Birds


    To celebrate the fourth day of Christmas, a box of four gorgeous golden bird cups.

    Delightful English birds in 24 karat gold make this collection a favorite for entertaining. Serve delicious tidbits and treats in our newest form, the footed compote evoking the elegance of the nature. Made of refined porcelain. Rosanna, Inc Four Calling Birds Collection $40US for the Mugs Set of 4.

    About Rosanna


    A place to make your own, to cultivate peace, to take shelter from the storm. The moment you step inside and take in your surroundings, you feel comfortable and safe. Understanding home as somewhere familiar and experiencing it as a place where you feel at ease has much to do with the objects you put in it. These objects make up our homes, shape the atmosphere and remind us of the lives we’ve created. A home, after all, is only as warm and welcoming as you make it.

    If Rosanna Bowles ran the world, everyone would gather around each evening and enjoy a delicious meal passed around the table on exquisite dishes while laughing, talking and sipping glasses of red wine.  She credits her mother for instilling her with a passion for tableware. At 16, she visited Italy and it changed her life, opening a whole new world that was to become a vital part of her future. She returned during her junior year in college and lived near Perugia, famous for its gorgeous handcrafted ceramics-sealing her destiny of a life-long love affair with Europe, art and dinnerware.

    When she started her business in 1982, she naturally turned to tableware. Scraping together the seed money, she took out a loan from the nation21 loans direct and created Rosanna, Inc., purveyor of fabulous fashion-forward plates. Her goal: to create high-quality, functional dishware, both richly handcrafted and affordable.

    Once again drawing on her love of Italy, she collaborated with Italian artisans and factories to produce her original line, ‘Casa Venturi’ depicting a childlike drawing of a house. When the truckload of ceramics finally arrived at the doorstep of her bungalow, she unloaded the shipment herself, washing all 30,000 pieces carefully by hand.

    From that very first set of dishes, Rosanna’s unique creations caught the eye of the press. Her initial collection was featured in Metropolitan Home magazine; since then, her story and tableware have appeared in numerous publications, including Lucky, Bon Appetit, Elle, Instyle, and O at Home. In 2006, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine named Rosanna one of 100 top companies that defined design in the Northwest. Drawing international acclaim in the same year, Rosanna was awarded the prestigious honor of Gift of the Year by the Giftware Association in the United Kingdom.

    Today, Rosanna’s international business is run her out of a teeming warehouse in Seattle, Washington. More than 22 years and millions and millions of dishes beyond her first container, she now sends truckloads of tableware to destinations across the states and around the globe. Rosanna’s tableware crosses cultural boundaries, delighting people worldwide and encouraging the art and soul of entertainment-connecting with others and sharing memories along with food and drink.

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    Sunday 19 December 2010

    Le Petit Atelier de Paris


    Beautiful porcelain Christmas decorations created in collaboration with Iris Moüy &

    Le Petit Atelier de Paris exclusively at Bon Marché.

    Torchon illustrated from the exhibition “Night Tales”.

    Series of 50 boxes of Christmas decoration; Owls series of 50 hand-decorated.

    This is one of my favourite shops ever

    ~ a little bit of france will be down under this year.

    Visit the delightful blog.

    When renown bakeries such as Poilâne and Pain de Sucre or department stores such as Le Bon Marché respectively place an order or display your creations, you know there is something special about them.

    Le Petit Atelier de Paris is a boutique/workshop full of little handmade porcelain wonders specializing in decorative objects as well as tableware.

    Info via 20 little cities

    Le Petit Atelier de Paris
    31 Rue de Montmorency 75003 Paris

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    Monday 18 October 2010

    Joni + Porzellan


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    Monday 26 April 2010



    A White Carousel was to have been born on the weekend of February 14 – St Valentine’s Day and the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger. We entered the year not only of the tiger, but of the white, or metal tiger, something that occurs only once every 60 years in the Chinese calendar, associated with massive change and challenges…

    If you believe in planatary influences and the chinese horoscope – or not, it seems to be a good time to start a new major and important project.

    A month passed, and Easter was celebrated. I had lots of ideas to post and yet still not launched my blog! Life doesn’t always behave, and in the words of John Lennon ~ Life is what happens while you are making other plans.

    And whilst I am not beginning as planned the rituals celebrated in February and April this year capture the essence of this blog.  There is no perfection in love, time must be honoured, there is joy in giving and acceptance fills the heart.

    Love, Ritual and Beauty are characteristics of AWC. It’s about being brave and starting regardless of the barriers.

    With hearts…

    the best thing you can do is invite someone in,

    make them some tea,

    and secretly hope they don’t break anything.

    Curly Girl Design

    Images: Hand made porcelain by Brazilian designer, Estudio Manus including  Alada 18K Gold Winged Teacup.

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