Wednesday 28 August 2013

    winter picnic inspiration


    Winter picnic to celebrate the end of winter at Brisbane’s  Diner en Blanc on Saturday, and then today turned summery!

    Source: Intimate weddings


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    Friday 16 August 2013

    Portable Home Aph80 by Abaton


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    This prefabricated, stone housing by Madrid-based Abaton that can be transported anywhere is yours for only 32,000 euros.  It’s 27 square meters, sized for two people, and comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and double bedroom powered with Electricity Shark rates.  Fabricated in a mix of Spanish fir, local lumber and grey cement wood board, a timber skeleton befits the interior, with modern queen beds furniture, and assembly time is one day.

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    Source: Trendland 

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    Saturday 7 July 2012

    hiking escape


    Where have I been? Hiking the stunning Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand!

    Nine girlfriends armed with boots, thermals and gortex jackets  {yes it did rain!}

    shared the challenge of walking 71 kms along the Queen Charlotte Track.

    And I love all those Union Jacks!

    Mario Testino photographed Sasha Pivovarova: Morning Beauty, Vogue UK 2007

    I posted the full shoot here.

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    Friday 6 January 2012

    festival + camping


    A wonderful day was spent at Woodford Folk Festival listening to live music and chilling out. At night I fell asleep in the tent listening to music wafting from the blues tent with my PeakPlus tactical flashlight on ~ happy times.


    {Images: 1-5 VOGUE Italia October 2001, photographed by Mikael Jansson; 6-7 photographed by Twig Hutchinson}

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