Wednesday 18 January 2012

    Happy Haus


    I am interested in modular homes at the moment. And they are great for a beach shack or a mountain retreat! This Donovan Hill’s Happy Haus is a ‘ready made’ home solution that is fully adaptable, transportable and climatically sensitive in its design.

    The Happy Haus is designed so each module can be easily transported to a new site, or relocated from an existing address as living requirements change. The flexible design of the modules means that the Happy Haus is able to be accommodated by most sites, and can be both ‘stand alone’ or combined to include garden and outdoor spaces.

    {Images via House Variety}

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    Saturday 21 May 2011

    now I see you!


    A see-through bubble tent with 360-degree views ~ incredible! It’s a transparent, prefabricated globe, cool as…

    The globe-shaped, transparent tents come decked out with portable sofas and beds,

    while some models have wood floors and others are designed specifically for the beach or to use as tree houses.

    How do they work? Just pump up a tent with the provided electric air blower. The blower, which has an air filter, circulates fresh air and provides the air pressure needed to maintain the bubble shape. The cabin´s interior has a healthy atmosphere, without moisture, mosquito, dust or allergens. See themanufacturer’s website for more details on how the CristalBubble / BubbleRoom works. One of these pop-up dwellings costs about $9,000 to $17,000, depending on which model and extras.

    {Source lost at e minor}

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    Monday 2 May 2011

    Barin Ski Resort by RYRA Studio


    Feel like skiing in the Middle East? Yes it does snow there! Imagine staying in this very contemporary space to ski in Tehran, Iran. {Thank you Cathryn for sharing this.}

    Barin Ski Resort — a project created by RYRA Studio in Tehran, Iran.

    The architects took their inspiration from igloos, and the topographic layers represent the ice blocks. Although influenced by Igloos, RYRA wanted to form a connection between nature and man-made works. As a result, the project was modified to take on characteristics of architectural features while responding freely to its surrounding landscape.

    {Re-posted from Design Milk. Images by Persia Photography Centre.}

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    Tuesday 30 November 2010

    architectural beauty: selgas cano office


    I was dreaming of  my ideal workspace at a holistic management workshop yesterday, and this office  would be in my top 3 as it balances the uber modern with nature.  Iwan Baan is brilliant with this great project between the woods by Spanish practice Selgas Cano: Their own architecture office.

    via Lace & Tea

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    Friday 29 October 2010

    Opera glam-camper hits a high note


    It’s not a tent, not a caravan and not a motor home.

    Meet the Opera camper-trailer, by Belgian architect / designer Axel Enthoven ~ it’s seriously high end.

    I am a traditional camper – hiking, pitch a tent, campfire and singing under the stars.

    However, I sooooo want to experience the  Sydney Opera House on Wheels!

    Styled on the sails of the Sydney Opera House, the trailer is promoted as “your suite in nature”.

    This nomadic, contemporary living ‘tent’ offers all the luxuries of a fancy hotel room in the heart of the bush or the quality of a luxury yacht combined with the outdoor feeling of camping under canvas.

    No tent pegs are needed, as once the Opera is folded out from its 4.7-metre camper trailer it levels itself electronically for stability. The interior of the camper is handcrafted in oak, stainless steel and leather, while the covering is polyester yarn.

    Designer Enthoven says: “… every conceivable luxury: two first class and electrically-adjustable beds that become one with a single simple movement, hot and cold water, ceramic toilet, LED lighting and a mobile hood and barbecue, for example, for cooking outside.”

    Other “camping necessities” include a wine cabinet, warm-air heating, espresso bar and an enclosed teak verandah. The finishing touches are currently being put to the first Operas, which are being made completely by hand in Geldrop in the Netherlands.

    The unit is aerodynamically-sound for towing and unfolds into a “masterpiece” upon arrival at your chosen camping spot. All closed up for towing. You can see a film of it, with too much time spent on the people who will use it and the places it will go, at the Opera site. When opened the camper is fully assembled in less than five minutes – without tent pegs, stabilizer jacks and loose tent poles. What emerges is a residence measuring 7m long, more than 3m wide and 3.5m high with every conceivable luxury.

    Continuing the Aussie theme are the optional exterior colours available for the Opera – Koala Grey, Dingo Beige and Quokka Brown.

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    Sunday 10 October 2010

    Minimalist House JAPAN


    Minimalist House, 2009, Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

    This long narrow house in Okinawa, Japan, by Japanese studio Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

    is surrounded by four solid walls and internally divided lengthways into three strips:

    a courtyard,  living space and functional areas (kitchen, bathroom, office).

    It features a courtyard {3m x 18m} that runs parallel to the  house (3m high X 9m wide X 18m long}

    with wall-like furniture integrated into the concrete space.

    The space composition is characterized by the division of the house into three areas

    ~ the first forms a courtyard open to the sky and is separated from the second strip by a glass plane.

    The middle area is composed of the living room, dining room, and bedroom as an interior space connecting

    with the exterior court in a linear arrangement, while the other space is composed of the

    kitchen, powder room, and study room in a succession, and with the best roof shingles, since the asphalt roof shingles are booming and are easy to get online.

    The shower room, toilet, small court, and various storages

    are laid out in this wall-like unit, which also incorporates the services;

    all spaces combined together create a lifestyle that minimize the division of the space as much as possible.

    The exterior wall is designed to facilitate maintenance by applying photocatalyst paint.

    {Sources & photos: via DG Design Network, Dezeen}

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