Saturday 26 May 2012

big day, big week


big dreams…. big sleep in!!! xxx

{Image: Tim Walker: The Snow Queen, Vogue UK, March, 2009; model: Caroline Trentini}

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Friday 14 October 2011

My Angel Girlfriend


The angels have fallen once again, enticed by the seductive fragrance of buy viagra low cost Lynx Excite to move in with the men of earth. But but being an angel in love is not always plain sailing…

{The Lynx Effect} :: Amnesia Razorfish creates a digital destination for the Lynx brand.

Hundreds of thousands of satisfied men.
A happy brand.
A webby award.

We believe the best way to describe this project is to look for yourself. Sometimes the levitra 10 mg for sale best ideas are the most simple and despite the incredible depth and detail within the site you don’t need a guided tour or instructions to get the point. At the heart of the Lynx brand; ‘Light hearted, playful fantasy’. We think we nailed it – full screen, hot looking girls, heaps of fun, innovation, oh and a few cans of Lynx.

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Friday 18 February 2011

Angeli Del Nostro Tempo ~ Angels of cheap 20mg viagra without a prescription Our Time


Guidi has a deep love for angels.

His company’s tag line Angeli Del Nostro Tempo ~ Angels of Our Time

is deeply integrated into every product he makes, from belt buckles to bomber jackets to briefcases.

Walking into the Urbino headquarters of Piero Guidi is like walking into heaven:

You’re surrounded by angels.

Since 1896 Guido Guidi, Giovanni Rosellini and Gino Ulivo estabilished “conceria guidi e rosellini” at Pescia in Tuscany. Here the genuine viagra cheap art of leather tanning can be traced to the middle age, when a guild of tanners and shoemakers existed since XIV century.

Finding the right symbol for his internationally recognized company took two years. One day, while sketching, Guidi came up with an image of two angels embracing each other. The date was Jan. 11, 1991, or 01-11-1991. “It’s a magical date,” Guidi said, noting the date has many “1s,”not simply a coincidence in Guidi’s playful mind.

For 18 years, Piero Guidi has used Angeli Del Nostro Tempo to advertise his products. His ad campaigns have included a constellation of the world’s great celebrities, including Muhammad Ali and buy viagra without a prescription his wife Lonnie; Yolanda and Bernice King, daughters of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; and Margherita Hack, Italian astrophysicist.

All of these figures exemplify heroism and creativity, says Guidi, a sculptor who began studying fashion in Rome in the 1970s.  For him, fashion models aren’t just mannequins, but role models.  They speak to social contribution, civil rights, sports and scientific achievement, and an innate desire to make a difference.

A campaign, photographed by son Giacomo Guidi, a creative director for the company, featured German film-maker Wim Wenders and his wife, Donata.  Wim Wenders is director of the classic film “Wings of Desire,” which is about angels watching over the world.

By Patrick Armstrong

Fantasy Never Dies

is the slogan that expresses the spirit of non prescription generic cialis the Piero Guidi Magic Circus line:

an explosion of colours and fun.

colorful handbags from his Magic Circus line, created in 1986 are now considered classic

reproducing the cheapest cialis professional fantastic world of the circus, play and vitality come to life

and accompany us into another reality,

one where atmospheres of dreams and poetry prevail.

the Magic Circus collection are made to surprise, amaze, intrigue

and give to those who love a little big dream.

each bag has a Piero Guidi stamp, signature lining  & black leather side panels with cheerful magic-circus charms

If you buy a Piero Guidi product, you are invited to become an Angel’s People. Inside your item you will find a coupon where you can learn how to take part of this community and viagra soft for sale canada each registered member receives an exclusive keyring as gift.

The Angel’s People Community rotates around a fundamental question:

“Who is an angel for you?

Thousands of people have answered this question with photos, pictures, drawings and sometimes with a real works of art, and also with thoughts, writings and poems created crosswise from children, parents and even grandparents, this demonstrates how the theme angels is felt, deeply felt. So, the community was born as a tribute to all those people who over the years have celebrated with much love and warmth the spirit of our philosophy that is centred on the theme of “Angels.” The Angels are thought as icons because they embrace ideals like passion for art, poetry and an unconditional love to mankind. In this area you can find various ideas on this issue, relating to personal experiences and beliefs, to close perceptions and viagra cheapest price for sale memories both near and far: this is our initiative for, to create not only a virtual community where the “Angel’s People” can meet, express themselves and discuss freely about the mystic and poetic of “Angel”.

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Monday 17 January 2011

angels helping everywhere


L’aura du froid
Magazine: Vogue Paris September 1999
Photographer: Eric Traoré
Model: Audrey Marnay

{Image thedoppelganger via spinningbirdkick}

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