Sunday 24 July 2011

RIP songstress Amy Winehouse


Her contralto voice and beehive hairdo made her a sultry 21st-century British neo-jazz diva

and she had no fear of displaying the seamier side of her life.

She has joined the 27 Club, the name given to a group of musicians who have died at the young age of 27,

and includes Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain.

Amy Winehouse, she of the sailor tattoos

~ her distinctive style made her a muse for fashion designers.

Karl Lagerfeld once called her his muse, Roberto Cavalli went crazy for her, and Louis Vuitton reported paid her $1m for a single appearance at a show during 2008 Paris Fashion Week. Jonathan Kelsey designed his ‘Amy’ shoe, and PPQ teamed up with her on a capsule collection.

The new Brigitte Bardot :: Karl Lagerfeld paid direct homage to her at the 2007 London Chanel show. Models strutted down the runway wearing impressively vertiginous up-dos and heavily kohl-rimmed eyes. When asked about his muse, the designer announced that Winehouse is ”the new Brigitte Bardot”: gap-toothed, boundary breaking and most importantly beehived. The Sun newspaper 

She is a beautiful, gifted artist.

And I very much like her hairdo. I took it as an inspiration.

Because, in fact, it was also Brigitte Bardot’s hairdo in the late Fifties and Sixties.

And now Amy has made it her own style.

Karl Lagerfeld

The Beehive which Amy apparently patented and spread to the masses gets a perfect pouf in these new ads for the house that Coco built. The other inspiration is purely Tudors, as if King Henry numbero ocho came up from hell to whisper sweet nothings into Karly’s ear.

Tears Dry On Their Own

Amy Jade Winehouse (born 14 September 1983 in London) is an English singer-songwriter, known for her eclectic mix of various musical genres including soul, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm and blues.

Her musical formation went through listening to such jazz divas as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan; she was later influenced by contemporary metropolitan popular music as well. She represents a union of these aesthetics and of her writing (she composes her music herself): a happy compromise and fusion of ’40s jazz, ’60s soul and hard texts inspired by daily life.

Winehouse’s 2003 debut album Frank was a commercial and critical success. Her 2006 follow-up album Back To Black led to six Grammy Award nominations and five wins, tying the record for one of the most wins by a female artist in a single night, and made Winehouse the first singer from the United Kingdom to win five Grammys. She has won the Ivor Novello Award three times, one in 2004 for Best Contemporary Song (musically and lyrically) for “Stronger Than Me”, one in 2007 for Best Contemporary Song for “Rehab”, and one in 2008 for Best Song Musically and Lyrically for “Love Is A Losing Game”. {Wikipedia}

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Sunday 24 July 2011

taxidermy love ~ true love never runs smooth…


Lachlan is a large merino sheep head.

Originally I wrote about Lachlan as part of my Hollister Hovey posting, however when I discovered Hollister’s story on buying Lachlan in 2005 on myspace I decided  it was worthy of it’s own posting! Enjoy this tale of taxidermy love.

    Part 1 :: Finding Lachlan

    Lachlan was purchased on ebay, and like all good love affairs the beginning was full of drama and uncertainty as captured here by Hollister in her 2005 blog posting.

    Hollister’s morning with ebay

     9:00 Am only bidder for white mountain goat head, stuffed in 1933 by one of the Muesum of Natural History’s top taxidermists. 56 minutes to go.

    9:23 Coffee break

    9:55 Still only bidder for goat head. Positively brimming with excitement and confidence.

    9:55:30 Thinking I’m the only bidder, I put nose to grindstone and work on a press release.

    9:55:45 Evil goat head lover swoops in and outbids me by $5.

    9:56 I’m a loser.

    9:57 Stomach in knots, jaw on desk.

    9:58 Jaw still on desk, but brain thinking how irrational and crazy it is being.

    10:30 Find sad looking goat, antelope and merino sheep head trophies I enjoy just as much. Mood restored.

    11:00 Check bank account. Will have to sacrifice fancy meals/drinks or live off little sister if I win merino sheep. Consider it worth the struggle.

    11:05 Check other bid status and realize that will have to live off little sister regardless if I win smaller items already bid upon.

    11:15 Little sister says the sheep looks creepy, but likes the goat.

    11:33 Am eaten alive with love of the sheep and still considering.

    UPDATE: purchased merino sheep.

    Suffered without money for roughly 10 days.

    Sheep arrives at office in box large enough to hold diswasher (human or mechanical). I realize box will not fit into cab, so must unwrap new pet at work.

    Patience not being a virtue I know, I rip in around 3 p.m. Box filled solidly with packing peanuts and shreaded paper (and sheep). Must dig deep to even see sheep’s nose. Co-workers look into box and scream and make Godfather references. Two somewhat supportive co-workers help lift animal out of box, leaving office in post-ticker tape parade-style mess. What ticker tape isn’t on floor is tangled into the wool of the head. Animal head, initially thought to be about the size of a small deer/german shepherd, turns out to be of T-Rex proportions.

    Co-workers express deep shock, dismay and lack of understanding for passion over sheep’s head and taxidermy in general.

    Part 2 :: A Sad, Sad Day ~ Lachlan died today.

    Excerpt from Hollister Hovey

    Porter and I have been struggling with a moth invasion for six months. Bags and bags of wool clothes have hit the trash. The salvaged wool pieces hang in ugly plastic bags in our closets. It’s been terrible. And gross. But we thought it over.  Then, last weekend, we took Lachlan, the merino sheep, off his wall. How we didn’t think that moths that munch on spun, died wool might enjoy unspun, natural wool just as much is beyond me. Frankly, they love it. They cannot get enough. They devoured the entire top of his head. They ruined him. 

    We’d had a couple deer (Denver and Michael Gregory) – but Lachlan was the majestic creature that sparked our taxidermy spree. Without Lachlan, there probably wouldn’t be Daedalus or Icarus (the swans) or Mandela (the nyala) or even Cormack (the highland bull). Would the apartment have ever made it into The New York Times or ELLE Decoration? I don’t think so. It was all Lachlan.

     We tried to salvage him from the devastation, but it was beyond repair (and we both were on the cusp of asphyxiation by moth ball). So, this morning, I grabbed him by his plastic-wrapped horns and put him in the dumpster. Thank goodness he was covered and I didn’t have to look him in the glass eye. We’ll have remember him through the photos.

    Goodbye, sweet Lachlan, goodbye. 


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    Sunday 24 July 2011

    The New Antiquarians :: Hollister Hovey


    Hollister and Porter Hovey have been on my radar for ages, and it has been very remiss of me to not share them with you sooner!

    They are bloggers and collectors who share my love of a decadent antiquarian aesthetic of taxidermy, anatomical charts, entomology, fencing masks, natural history prints, pith helmets, and apothecary jars ~ objects that are

    Accoutrements of the turn-of-the-19th-century leisure class”… “the tiny domed vignettes the Victorians were so fond of (artful arrangements of taxidermied squirrels, for example, in twiggy settings)”…and “Taxidermy, osteological antiques like monkey skeletons and other Victoriana” 

    The Hoveys  are sisters from Kansas City.

    They are not big-game hunters from the 1930′s. They are not taxidermists.

    Hollister works in PR and Porter for a management consulting firm.

     Featured in the New York Times and Elle Decoration UK, Hollister Hovey’s eponymous and very cool blog captures the trend that has been termed ‘New  Vintage’ living.

    This is not the type of decorating style that you can just go out and buy. It is a style of passion.  A lifestyle of visual collage. “It’s a stitched-together, bricolage world, an alternative world,” writes Valerie Steele, the director of the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Collecting old things is a way of collecting the aura of a passed world or perhaps of collecting the passing of time itself.

    But these are not just any sort of objects.  These are intensely fascinating things. Faded patinas, gilding, whimsical details, furs and feathers, brass knobs, skeletons, aged maps. Each is inherently, potently unique, which – on its own – marks these things off from the endless stream of sameness characterising modern wares.  Each object composing the eerie Victoriana aesthetic of Ryan Matthew’s apartment is irreplaceable and irreplaceably strange, particularly his mummified hunting dog.

    This is more than a “New Vintage.” This is a statement of idiosyncratic individuality. Just as no two pieces of taxidermy will ever be the same (there are no copies in nature), no two apothecary bottles or Victorian pith helmets or vintage mirror will ever be equally the same.  These lifelong collections express a love of texture and detail and the pleasures of beautifully, outlandishly, and outmodedly uniquely vibrant things.

    New York Times

     Hollister muses about her life and her love for Ernest Hemingway, fashion, taxidermy, and traveling on the blog. The Novey sisters abode featured here showcases this antique spirit which is stuffed full of beautiful vintage finds.

    Stepping into the loft is like walking into an exquisitely crafted exhibit of curiosities collected over a lifetime, from someone who has lived a fascinating life. Ms. Hovey has a wonderfully seasoned style that is a unique mix of colonial-end-of-the-empire textures and colors (zebra rug, hunting trophies), apothecary curiosities, ornate & eclectic vintage mixed harmoniously with simple, substantial modern pieces. And a bit of the gothic in there, but maybe that is in the eye of the beholder. Oh I just had a great time looking…finding little vignettes everywhere. Decor adore! Rose Callahan

    Hollister Hovey is a really cool blog. It chronicles the discoveries of Hollister including ‘The Best New York Stores Selling Old-Looking Style’ and  her tumblr site showcases her Objects Of Affection (A Graphic List Of Acquisitions And Desires).

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    Saturday 23 July 2011

    Shades of light + dark


    Light versus dark. Asian references counterbalanced by a modern western aesthetic.

    The yin and yang of interior designer Jiun Ho.

    {Image and text via desire to inspire}

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    Saturday 23 July 2011

    staying in touch with friends…


    I’m dedicating some time this weekend to phone some friends ~ it’s great to stay in touch and catch up on their adventures.

    Nadège Du Bospertus Vogue Italia January 1992

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    Friday 22 July 2011

    Dolce & Gabbana sparkles


    Lace dresses embellished with sparkling, beaded embroideries of crystals and rhinestones, so exquisite.

    Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana

    ~ the Spring 2011 show paid homage to the beauty of handcrafted Sicilian white lace.

    Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring 2011 collection.

    {Images by Olivier Claisse/ firstVIEW via Vogue}

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    Thursday 21 July 2011

    {another} chic white interior


    A beautiful Los Angeles home combines French and Scandinavian design elements with stunning chandeliers, ornate doors and frames, rich dark hardwood floors, weathered pillars and cabinetry, Venetian mirrors and silk drapes…

    {Images via here, discovered on Lace & Tea}

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    Thursday 21 July 2011

    shades of black & white


    Precious Time
    Vogue Italia, September 2009
    Photographer: Mark Seliger
    Model: Isabel Lucas
    Christian Dior, Fall 2009 Couture

    Oh, and I’m an Isabel Lucas fan!

    {Image via debutantes ball via musikdirne}

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    Wednesday 20 July 2011

    lace lovely


    {Image debutantes ball via mirabile-visu}

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    Monday 18 July 2011

    Signe Bøgelund-Jensen


    When I have created something, it will be clean, serene and simple to look at. To clothe women in beautiful dresses which give them the edge and feminine strength. 

    Danish fashion designer, Signe Bøgelund-Jensen has worked for several famous designers:

    Susanne Rützou, Galliano ~ Dior  and Noa Noa.

    An old luxury apartment located  in Copenhagen, Denmark, it’s 200 m2 in size and dated from the beginning of 1900. The style is inspired by Parisian apartments and a mix of feminine and tough elements. Although Signe Bøgelund-Jensen jumps in a pair of trousers when she between collections, vip customers and fashion shows is renovating the apartment in the East part of Copenhagen.

    With her own hands she has added the old rooms plenty of nostalgia and Parisian charm so it matches her own image of an open and personal home.

    “When I entered the apartment the first time I felt at home right away. The mood is slightly like Paris where I have lived and I love the high-ceilinged rooms and the original old look as I have tried to preserve because it is impossible to recreate. I started to renovate the kitchen because it was practical with 2 kids in everyday life and has just finished my own bedroom. It is an ongoing process”.

    Signe Bøgelund-Jensen founded her own brand Atelier Bøgelund-Jensen in 2006.

    Signe’s style is feminine, sexy,elegant and very played down. The shape of the woman is in focus which means that the styles always flatter the body and the personality of the woman. Signe used to work in the John Galliano studio in Paris where she developed ideas and techniques for the Dior Haute Couture.

    With her own hands she has added the old rooms plenty of nostalgia and Parisian charm so it matches her own image of an open and personal home.

    “When I entered the apartment the first time I felt at home right away. The mood is slightly like Paris where I have lived and I love the high-ceilinged rooms and the original old look as I have tried to preserve because it is impossible to recreate. I started to renovate the kitchen because it was practical with 2 kids in everyday life and has just finished my own bedroom. It is an ongoing process”.



    Here lives: Signe Bøgelund Jensen, 41, chief designer and owner of Bøgelund-Jensen and her two girls Dagmar, 10, and Rigmor, 13, and the dog Theta.

    {Image: Pernille Kaalund/Pure PublicText & styling: Louise Kamman Riising}

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