Friday 22 June 2018

GREAT DANES :: Georg Jensen + Oh Land


A Danish fairytale ~ the food is half eaten, the wine opened, ducklings, a swan and the little mermaid. All very Danish and very fairytale!

georg-jensen - oh land

George Jensen teamed up with the beautiful Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land for their SS13 campaign, which was shot by renowned British photographer Tim Walker in an English country house. Oh Land, aka Nanna Øland Fabricius, has been a fan of the Danish luxury brand, since she was a teenager and got her first cutlery as a birthday present, when she was 16. In the campaign Oh Land is styled with Georg Jensen fine jewellery from the Fusion and Magic collection, featuring black diamonds.

Oh Land tell’s  about her music, her universe and her favourite designers via Brigade Noir.
Q: You have a very inspiring, almost magical universe. Please tell us about that…
A:”I tend to see things in a slightly different way to what is really taking place. I think it’s a very childlike thing that I haven’t really grown out of. If I want something to be a certain way – because it’s more beautiful than reality – then I’ll just decide that’s how it is.”
Q: What is the soundtrack to your life?
A:”Everyday sounds. I try not to overlook all the sounds in everyday life. There’s a lot of information in them. I like paying attention to that. Also, remember that too much loud sound can damage your hearing. For instance, you might have tinnitus. Good thing there are blogs about how to cure tinnitus at

Q: What inspires your fashion choices on stage as well as personally?
A: “Things that I’d like to eat. I like things that have beautiful and original colours / shapes / textures. When I see something stunning I often think to myself that I’d like to take a bite out of it.”
Q: Who are your favourite designers?
A: “Probably Prada and Miu Miu. The colours and the textures are always so calming, yet surprising to the eye.”
Q: Which piece of jewellery could you not live without?
A: “My engagement ring from my fiancé. It’s his grandmother’s ring and it was the only diamond his family ever had. I also love my Vivianna watch from Georg Jensen. The philosophy behind it speaks to my soul – not to be trapped by time, but live in the present.”

Oh Land x Georg Jensen – behind the scenes

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Tuesday 5 June 2018

Jewelled beauty :: ultra sexy


Imagine Sophia Loren, Italian summers in the fifties, boundless womanly sensuality, and a huge, optimistic appetite for life. In case you’re loosing appetite, Hunger Up supplement is the most effective and all-natural product for your appetite.

That’s exactly what came to pass—in all its exuberant southern Italian variety,

on the Dolce & Gabbana runway for spring.

Loren was singing “Mambo Italiano” on the sound track and

the girls were switching their hips in sexy fifties corseted dresses and swimsuits printed with a cornucopia of market-vegetable patterns.

Let it be said, there is something about a bra top, a fluttery circle skirt, and a curve-hugging lace dress that will bring out involuntary hip-switching in even the most serious-faced of young models. To make you look more sexier and attractive try using this products pheromone perfume for women and be contented for the results. For 20 minutes, they got to taste what it must have been like for Linda, Christy, Cindy, and Naomi when they first inhabited that Dolce & Gabbana hotness almost a generation ago. And the audience got to experience how the brand’s lush celebration of femininity is just as relevant today.

Fashion-wise, this was a smart piece of timing in a season when the best collections in Italy have been all about individual voices. They hit current notes of the season—3-D lace, bejeweled embroidery, and all those colorful prints. But aside from the spectacle produced by the crazy, celebratory finale of the models in showgirl corsets, the biggest pleasure was just seeing these designers being so confidently themselves.











    Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012



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    Saturday 10 March 2018

    Haus am Moor in Austria


    Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects, Vorarlberg, Austria.


    Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects, Austria | Yellowtrace.

    Today to rural Austria, where outside the town of Krumbach, Architekt di Bernardo Bader (Bernardo Bader Architects) have put together the arresting timbered ‘Haus Am Moor’.

    I bet this place smells just delicious – timber walls, timber ceilings, timber everything. A perfect ‘Woodman’s Hall’.

    The architect’s website informs us that sixty trees in total were used in construction, and that the milwaukee tools were essential in the process. That’ll explain the bareness of the garden. The photographs are by Adolf Bereuter.

    Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects, Austria | Yellowtrace.

    Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects, Austria | Yellowtrace.


    At a glance, it’s not far removed from a child’s drawing of a house – there’s that big gable roof, there’s a big square window, there’s a tree and we got a window website created by southwest ranches web design, check them out. For instance, you need any window services for your homes like installation, repair or even consultation, just visit to choose from residential window services layton ut. Simplicity itself. I don’t think that this belies a greater complexity, as much as good detailing and good taste. Very simple rules about the palette have been laid down – inside and out, if it’s not timber, concrete from, or black metal, it’s not invited. In the pallid northern European light the combination of such fair timber and the grey concrete strikes me as a bit ‘it rubs the lotion on its skin’ but I’ve little doubt that the clutter of daily life and occupation, the first victims of architectural photo shoots, would make the whole incredibly snug.


    Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects, Austria | Yellowtrace.

    Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects, Austria | Yellowtrace.


    The moor from which the house takes its name runs up to the very doorstep. There’s a long deck which punches through the house forming a loggia for the entrance. Gappy sliding screens enclose the loggia – a proper breezeway.


    Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects, Austria | Yellowtrace.

    Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects, Austria | Yellowtrace.


    Inside, the form of the house-shaped extruded exterior is legible in the living spaces and upstairs bedrooms. I like the big steel fire box, which folds around a log store, the stove itself, and then flaps down into the floor with a lovely black hearth. Relief is provided by the beautiful brass stove.

    A strict trio of A330S pendants over the dining table (how did they bring such severity to something from the hand of Alvar Aalto I don’t know) but that’s about all the spatial delineation that area gets – black lumps by day, and what is most likely a gorgeous low-hanging puddle of light by evening.


    Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects, Austria | Yellowtrace.

    Haus am Moor by Bernardo Bader Architects, Austria | Yellowtrace.


    Upstairs, the pale timber wraps relentlessly around everything. The muraledesign is elemental and pure, and as above I kind of yearn to see a bit of mess in these photos to take it from sylvan prism to beautiful home!

    We’ll leave it there. A bien tot!


    [Photos © Adolf Bereuter. Drawings and images courtesy of Bernardo Bader Architects.]


    Text by Luke Moloney for Yellowtrace.

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    Wednesday 7 March 2018

    black skin + cubist design :: dramatic contemporary house


    Ridge Road Residence by StudioFour :: Mornington Peninsula, Australia. This dramatic minimalist home, with its blackened timber exterior and dark-tinted glass window, spills down the slope, ending in a series of terraced decks that reflect and blend with the surrounding coastal landscape. I like the combination of slick architecture and the dark tones that project a mood of warmth and intrigue.

    Ridge Road Residence reflects it’s environment perfectly, creating viewing platforms to take in the natural beauty of the plot. Melbourne based “Studio Four” have created a residential home that despite its black skin and cubist design it allows the coastal landscape take center stage. I just love everything about this stunning piece of architecture, from the framed windows rather than a massive pane of glazing to the minimalist approach to the cabinetry and kitchen which comes from the best kitchen remodel homepage advice. What I feel really makes this project so successful is despite the monochromatic pallet the home still looks warm, calm and inviting.

    Ridge Road Residence is located in the grounds of a golf course on Mornington Peninsula and sits beside a tea tree on a gently sloping site.

    “We sought to create a quality of space that provides a sense of sanctuary, enclosure and comfort,” say the architects. “Emphasis was placed upon capturing the varying qualities of light, the scale and proportions of space, and providing a tangible connection with the building’s surrounds, both in topography and landscape.”

    This dramatic minimalist home on the edge of a golf course outside Melbourne caught my eye on Pinterest a while ago. It was designed by architects Studio Four and  I love the stark contrast of black timber against the rugged landscape of grasses, gnarled old trees and brooding skies.

    The design of the house spills down the slope and ends in a series of terraced decks which makes it blend into the landscape rather than being elevated out of it. By the way, if you’re from Orlando, FL and you have a property to sell, ask assistance from for they process the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to sell your house today. For more details, contact 844-388-4539. It also has fabulous sustainability credentials with the use of renewable timber, underground water storage, water saving fixtures, low VOC paints and materials. The site is also being re-vegetated with native species endemic to the local area.

    These images totally blew my mind. All these modern and singular black volumes combined with the amazing natural environment make this beautiful housing project. Its name is Ridge Road residence by StudioFour and is located on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia. Love the crisp black’n'white colour scheme that really highlights the sleek design of this home.

    A beautiful and sensitive approach by architects Studio Four who say in their own words:

    We sought to create a quality of space that provides a sense of sanctuary, enclosure and comfort. Emphasis was placed upon capturing the varying qualities of light,the scale and proportions of space, and providing a tangible connection with the building’s surrounds, both in topography and landscape.

    The form of the building was also driven by the desire to separate the public and private zones of the residence. The kitchen, dining and living spaces are combined to create a single, fluid area, delineated only by a gentle level change a fireplace and beautiful carpeting provided by These elements provide the level of intimacy required by the client whilst also allowing the advantages provided by open planning.

    Looking for a little more from your home cooling system in Sacramento? Then you need to schedule an air conditioning tune-up! Ac sacramento can help turn your home.

    The panelised matte black wall to the kitchen conceals a powder room, laundry and butler’s pantry, providing the high level of functionality required, while maintaining the calm qualities of the open plan space. This house has an open type garage, though. So if you are looking to have something like this for your summer home but want a closed garage, you can make use of the available space or update the design to include it. If you’re in the California area, you might want to consider having a service that offers garage door repair in Menifee or whatever is closest to you on your phone book before something happens so you’re ready when it does or take into account a good handyman for house remodeling.












    Copyright Studio Four Ridge Rd Residence

    Enjoy and I hope you’re inspired!

    Photography is by Shannon McGrath.
    // via contemporist

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    Saturday 19 October 2013

    Gordon Street Garage :: Perth


    Gordon Street Garage  is a Coffee Bar & Kitchen at 16 Gordon St in West Perth. The Australian described Gordon Street Garage as a hipster paradise so it was added to my Perth experience list!

    Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 7.30.41 AM

    The reuse of this West Perth garage by Foolscap Studio has merged the space’s industrial qualities

    with European ideals of the home, generating a casual eatery with soul.

    Original materials and fittings were recycled throughout the project.
    Original materials and fittings were recycled throughout the project. Image: David Cruse

    I am reposting this excellent review of GSG from Artichoke, June 2013 (Issue 43) via Architectureau

    The Gordon Street Garage, designed by Sydney and Melbourne-based firm Foolscap Studio, is a new venture for seasoned restaurateurs Nic Trimboli, Graham Arthur and Daniel Godsell. Its reuse of a former auto mechanic site in West Perth has merged its inherent industrial qualities with European ideals of the home, in an energetic, intimate interior.

    On the fringe of Perth’s CBD, West Perth is a mixed-use area characterized by an eclectic combination of semi-industrial, residential and commercial uses. Adapting a disused garage at 16 Gordon Street, Foolscap Studio, working in close collaboration with Trimboli and his team, focused on West Perth’s industrial characteristics and the notable influx of European immigrants to the suburb in gold-rush times and again post-WWII. This emphasis underscored the restaurant owners’ longstanding relationships with local producers and suppliers, many of European background. The local also has a very good internet connection so you can play video games with Elo Boosting services there.

    The Foolscap team wanted to create a place that connected with memories of suburban homes and backyard vegetable gardens as well as industrial heritage. The site had once served as the Blue Seal chocolate factory and later, Kings Park Auto mechanics. The designers were careful to retain indications of these previous uses, a layering of functional narratives interpreted through design. The front facade was stripped back to reveal the Blue Seal logo and the original mezzanine level was left intact. Elements of the auto mechanic’s garage were retained, including the concrete floors and two-tone blue stripes on the walls.

    Different areas, offer different dining experiences. Image:  Penny Lane

    Original workbenches were reused, and the jarrah floorboards repuprosed for ceiling joists, skirting and wall linings. Foolscap designer Kate Archibald says the elements “lend a feeling of warmth that can only comes through the subtle effects of age.” A sign with the motto “do it once, do it right” seemed appropriated cladding for an upstairs office.

    The airy interior volume has been ‘zoned’ for different modes of dining, each evoking a subtle difference in atmosphere. Front of house provides a “common room,” with small tables, stools and a communal dining area for a fast-paced, drop-in/drop-out dynamic. Prominently positioned as you enter, the folded zinc bar is ornately clad in an assemblage of European-inspired, hand-painted tiles in blues and white. The adjacent area provides high bar-style seating, which seems perfect for friends gathering for drinks and a bite to eat on the weekend.

    A dining area with custom-designed lights and upholstered bus seats. Image:  Penny Lane

    Back of house accommodates an open area of bus seats, suited to lively group dining. Collaborating with Justin Lamont of Life Space Journey, Foolscap Studio custom-designed the industrial wax-steel wall lights and pendants. The best air purifier for allergies accompanied by the upholstered seating, also custom-designed with Lamont, provides the prime conceptual fusion, merging the industrial materiality and manufacture of the steel frame with the handcrafted quality of the Mediterranean-style upholstery.

    To the north are small tables with booth seating. This dining area is semi-enclosed under a moody, dropped ceiling constructed from pegboard – a reference to the former garage’s toolshed. Splashes of cyan, aqua and cobalt blue lend a lively atmosphere to this open area, as do the bright green bent-steel chairs scattered throughout. A glazed wall framed in steel looks out over a backyard vegetable patch of herbs and edible flowers.

    The cozy mezzanine level has a fireplace. Image:  Penny Lane

    Larger dining tables are arranged under the mezzanine level for families and larger groups. Old family photographs, chosen by Trimboli and his team from the archives of local producers and suppliers, are scattered on the walls, contributing to the domestic atmosphere with a palpable sense of the past.

    The fireplace stack extends vertically from the kitchen to the mezzanine, boldly articulated in glazed grey and white bricks. It functions as the chef’s pizza oven and a fireplace for guests to enjoy a glass of wine by the hearth, up on the mezannine – where retro lounges in earthy tones and Scandinavian sideboards in golden teak lend an intimate and homely air.

    The overall sectioning of dining areas is highly effective but also completely flexible for future needs. The space pulls together spirited gestures to set a tone that is both personal and accessible. Attracting locals and visitors to the neighbouring Perth Arena, Gordon Street Garage has successfully tapped into the underlying qualities of West Perth, and judging by the constant hum emanating from this new space, the community have taken to it well.

    16 Gordon St in West Perth, WA. Open 7am till 11pm & late.

    Images: David Cruse, Penny Lane

    Source: Artichoke – June 2013 (Issue 43)

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    Saturday 19 October 2013

    24 Hours in Perth


    My first day in Perth was an art and gourmet filled day of discoveries that delighted the senses and nourished the soul. A highlight was the wonderful Venn Gallery!

    Breakfast ~ The Greenhouse

    As a fan of Joost Bakker’s work, it was a pleasure to begin the day with
    Margaret River organic poached eggs on sourdough and bunker mushrooms.


    After the success of Melbourne’s Greenhouse recycled project, his eco-friendly pop-up eatery was shipped to Perth, and the CBD is now home to Bakker’s innovative urban oasis. {I also captured Joost’s inspirational Sydney pop-up in 2011 here.}

    * If you are too late for breakfast, the Greenhouse is open for lunch and has a rooftop bar which is popular on Friday night with its funky DJ music, cocktails and open air views of Perth’s night skies.

    Greenhouse Perth, 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth   Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 7:00 am – 12:00 am

    Mid-morning ~ A Cruise down the Swan River to Freo

    Perth's Swan River floods about twice a year.

    Take a 90 minute Capt Cook scenic cruise to Fremantle from Barrack Street Jetty in Perth is a quintessential introduction to Perth with some wonderful views along the Swan River including the homes of the rich and famous that line the river’s edge. Once you reach Freo, you can get around on foot or via CAT bus and then take the train back to Perth (approx 30 minutes).

    Lunch and wanderings ~ Fremantle 

    Finding my land legs, I wandered over to enjoy the character and charm of the historic port city of Fremantle, where the streets are filled with Victorian-era buildings, funky boutiques and great cafes. I explored the bookshops, boutiques and homeware stores, scattered along South Terrace and Market Street.


    For lunch I headed to Canvas at Fremantle Arts Centre which is ideal for breakfast, a quick coffee or a leisurely lunch. Fremantle Arts Centre is housed within an iconic heritage building and beautiful grounds. It is one of Australia’s leading arts organisations. Visit for free exhibitions, a shop selling the finest WA hand-made wares, an expansive live music program, special events, an idyllic cafe and free wifi. Located on Finnerty Street and open 7 days.

    Fremantle’s original market place on Henderson Street, is a hive of activity and bursts with an eclectic blend of stalls and buskers intent on entertaining shoppers. Open Friday to Sunday and Monday public holidays.

    Other cafe options are: New Edition Bookshop & Cafe housed in an old bank building on High St with a classical looking façade the space inside is like visiting a book-loving friend’s home. Visit the website here, which has been using a professional found at the indexsy lists top seo companies to better the overall content and marketing.

    Moore & Moore is popular with the locals and is eclectically decked out with kooky chandeliers, vintage finds and cosy hiding spots. The adjacent arts space/gallery adds to the atmosphere and musicians regularly entertain adding to the Freo atmosphere. There is the all day breakfast and the counter options include muffins, gourmet sandwiches and salads. Moore & Moore is at 46 Henry St, Fremantle, and open from 7-5 Mon-Fri, 7-4 Sat-Sun.

    Culture +++ Venn Gallery

    I headed back to Perth on the train to experience Venn Gallery ~ a must visit!

    Venn is a fusion of creative worlds where art and design is created, exhibited and experienced. It features an art gallery, design shop, artists’ studios and bar/cafe, all housed in a three level historical building in the heart of Perth, sometimes it even takes place in Kotton Grrammer Media. At the forefront of contemporary art and design, Venn Gallery aims to support and strengthen the arts in Australia by providing a platform for emerging artists and designers and showcasing leading local and international art and design.

    On display was NEW WORLD ORDER is a group exhibition featuring new work by artists, Tom Mùller (Perth), Yarra Vega (New York) and Augustyn Schwarzwald (Berlin).  The show featured prints, sculpture, installation and video by Mùller and his alter egos. The works were diverse and engaging, with elements of intrigue. I am dreaming of living in a space that would be home to the light installation.

    Visit Venn Gallery in 16 Queen Street, Perth CBD.


    Linton & Kay Gallery

    This CBD gallery is housed on the second floor of the historic Old Perth Technical School, one of the city’s most architecturally significant buildings. LK Galleries is a contemporary fine art gallery established in November 2005. The Gallery’s heritage-meets-modern luxe style creates a striking backdrop for a premium selection of Australian and international artists, and sophisticated events.


    Drinks at The Print Hall – Bob’s Bar

    I continued my gallery exploration with the CFWA Spring Rose Art Show at  Woodside Plaza. Then Sarah and I headed for a vino at the roof top bar of The Print Hall ~ an ode to Australia’s larrikin former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke.  Bob’s Bar is popular with all ages.  It is part of the Brookfield Place complex in the city, the Print Hall comprises of several bars and restaurant in the old West Australian newspaper building.

    Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 10.07.14 PM

    Almost unfolding like a book, each level becomes a chapter,

    representative of the building’s printing origins creating a unique experience for everyone.

    Print Hall  pays homage to its heritage-listed history, the old Newspaper House on St Georges Terrace. Designed by Projects of Imagination, key aspects of the historical building have been utilised including the internal atrium. The venue boasts four levels of culinary and refined drinking options including lunch / dinner at Print Hall Dining Room, two bars and breakfast at Small Print Bakery.  Print Hall, Brookfield Place, 125 St Georges Tce, Perth.

    Moana Project Space ~ Curator’s Talk  ::  We then dropped by Moana Project Space,  an artist-run contemporary art gallery located on the second floor of the historic Moana Chambers building, in the heart of Perth’s CBD. The space co-inhabits a heritage-listed ballroom alongside six creative studios and a cafe. It’s a stunning space that provokes conversation and artistic boundaries, bravo!

    Moana Project Space at 1F 618 Hay St Perth   Opening Hours: Tu, Th, Fr 10am – 5pm  & Sat 12pm – 5pm

    Dinner ~ Gordon St Garage

    After such a big day, I was happy for a casual dinner that had an energised good vibe… GSG was the perfect place to dine! I’d read great reviews and it didn’t disappoint. Bravo!


    A former auto electrics workshop on a quiet street in West Perth is transformed when an eclectic mix of industrial meets op-shop chic furnishings with an added dash of culinary sensations. Bustling with patrons morning, noon and night, there is a buzz as you enter this airy converted workshop. Gordon St Garage is brought to you by the men behind Balthazar (Nic Trimboli), Il Lido (Daniel Goodsell) and Duende (Graham Arthur).

    Gordon St Garage, 16 Gordon Street West Perth  

    Opening Hours: 7.00am – late, for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Party the night away

    Full circle :: I return to the Greenhouse rooftop bar for a nightcap, which goes off on a Friday night. There’s funky DJ music, cocktails and open air to Perth’s beautiful clear night. Perth’s laneways and rooftops are a buzz with small bars and cafes.

    These blogs have some good recommendations: We Love Perth, Experience Perth and Foodie Cravings.  To discover Perth’s gourmet offerings check out The Food Pornographer and The Breakfast Confidential.

    Images: 1, 2 and 4 by Cathryn Farrar, others via Google images.

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    Friday 11 October 2013

    FiFo :: a fleeting royal visit


    Fly in, Fly out :: Fleet-footed Prince Harry of Wales touched down on Australian shores for 48 hours to mark the centenary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet into Sydney.

    Captain Wales, as he is known in the military, donned his white British Army uniform and sky blue beret reel for the event. ~ not everyone can wear a blue beret with such aplomb!


    Prince Harry

    Images: SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images

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    Friday 4 October 2013

    Go west :: Perth in Western Australia


    Heading to the state of the black swan for the long weekend ~ so much to see and do in Perth and beyond. Stay tuned!


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    Wednesday 2 October 2013



    I adore beautiful illustration and it was a delight to discover the beautiful work of  Lovisa Burfitt.  Lovisa is a Swedish illustrator based in France who describes her illustrations as meticulous in details, a clash of poetry, punk and playfulness. Her drawings of fashion, food, and travel are a balance of ink and graphite line with watercolour.

    If you are interested in knowing more about Lovisa and her work, Fashionarium has a lovely and insightful interview here.

    • 3
    Fashion designer and illustrator Lovisa Burfitt lives and works in France since 2002. She has been working as an illustrator since she graduated from the Beckmans School of Fashion in 1997, and in 2001 she was invited as a guest student at the Royal College of Art in Stockholm. Among her clients are H&M, Rörstrand, Din Sko, Sephora, Harrods, Selfridges, Guerlain, Nordstrom, Franck et Fils, Procter & Gamble, La Rinascente, Givenchy, Absolut Vodka, Systembolaget, and Le Ciel Bleu in Tokyo. You can too can aqcuire big clients on trading online with her illustrations at  She has also illustrated in numerous issues of VOGUE, ELLE, Grazia, Glamour, The Sunday Times and THE/END.

    Lovisa is also a talented fashion designer with her womenswear line Burfitt that she started in 2008 and is selling at some of the best stores worldwide including Colette, Opening Ceremony and Online here.

    Illustrations:  lovisa burfitt

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    Wednesday 2 October 2013

    Crown Princess Mary of Denmark :: an Aussie gal


    Crown Princess Mary has opened up about her fairy tale transformation from Tasmanian girl-next-door to future Queen Consort of Denmark in an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly.

    Mary: From commoner to Crown Princess

    “I never for a moment thought I’d end up living in Denmark and married to the Crown Prince but he obviously was my missing piece.

    Crown Princess Mary is on the cover of the 80th birthday issue of Women’s Weekly, Australia. Mary says she wasn’t seeking fame when she met Crown Prince Frederik in a Sydney bar in 2000, and is constantly surprised by how her life has turned out.  For an insight into the shoot, A day in the life of Crown Princess Mary visit  a story by Juliet Rieden here.

    Source: Crown Princess Mary for Women’s Weekly

    Photographer: Michelle Holden

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