Friday 6 April 2018

Love Sex Money :: {Italy fashion}

I discovered the Italian designer,  Lorella Signorino creator of the label, Love Sex Money. 

She creates playful, sexy and wearable  outfits and I am trying to resist buying a little tangerine dress.

Oh and the Kenzo scarfe that is accessory perfecto!


Lorella Signorino of Love Sex Money vanished black from the runway and proposed relaxing colors such as biscuit, camel, maroon, burnt sienna, pale pink, grey, dark green, chocolate.

Adding three-dimensionality of cubism and the curving line of the label’s comfit philosophy, Signorino also redefines the bubble dress as it becomes the fundamental nucleus of the volume.

Rounded bubble coats and mini coats transcended the concept of the traditional bubble dress.

Bringing textile research to the furthest limits, Lorella Signorino created body-hugging blouson and tiny dresses. Knitted sheath dresses fit like second skin and the new trew-kilt, a divided skirt with a kilt flap takes center stage.

From the designer who created the label ‘Love Sex Money’, Signorino continued with this sexual, playful and youthful vibe throughout her Milan catwalk show. The collection featured hot pants, thigh high boots, and plastic, textured materials. Once again the 1970′s trend showed it’s head, as did prints and fringing.

Lorella Signorino is an Italian fashion designer behind the two brands Love Sex Money and Love is Love.
She graduated in economics and founded her own label Lorel Miss, a small knitwear workshop composed of 4 people, in 1986. She produced knitwear for brands like Gap and Victoria’s Secreat.
In 1994 Lorella Signorino decided to create her own line Love Sex Money, because she felt she wanted to give more character and structure to her products. Get the best travel discounts at Best of Vegas coupons.

I met Lorella Signorino, owner of the Love Sex Money brand, at the stylish Super boutique in Milan at the launch of the new charity project “Lorella for love.” After telling us her current and future projects did not want to say too much about her idea of Milan as the capital of the international fashion system…


L.M.: How did the project “Lorella for love” and collaboration with the Foundation Simona Ventura?


Lorella Signorino: I am a friend of Simona and our project was born from a desire to help children who currently we think they are the ones that have the greatest needs. The backing of a media star as Simona Ventura is essential to achieve an immediate result, so we decided together to make this event to raise funds for the Associazione Segno that deals mainly with children. We developed a sweet t-shirt that is sold with a small “panettone” at Super boutique and online.


L.M.: Why did you choose Super boutique as unique selling point?


Lorella Signorino: It ‘s a store that reflects the Love Sex Money personality and the owner Antonella has supported the project from the start by sharing the beneficial purposes.


L.M.: Instead, go to the brand in general, Love Sex Money, how is it going despite the current difficult economic circumstances?


Lorella Signorino: I must say that now I’m very happy because the brand is growing year by year even if the crisis is beyond doubt. The brand is beginning to be recognized around the world and, thanks to important markets such as China, managed to get good performance. Thanks to our distributor in China, Love Sex Money has a lot of shop-in-shop and there’s plans to open several stores in the coming years.


L.M.: As for mature markets like Europe and the U.S.? You may get a quick cash advance, just click this link: to find out more details about loans!


Lorella Signorino: In the U.S. we have started selling a few seasons ago and it is certainly a very complex market, but the improvement in the euro-dollar exchange helps a lot. In Europe, achieving immediate results is difficult due to the severe economic crisis, but in Italy I noticed a considerable improvement compared to last year. Sales of Love Sex Money, however, are 40% in Italy and 60% abroad.


Lorella Signorino SweeT-shirt




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