Friday 22 June 2018

GREAT DANES :: Georg Jensen + Oh Land

A Danish fairytale ~ the food is half eaten, the wine opened, ducklings, a swan and the little mermaid. All very Danish and very fairytale!

georg-jensen - oh land

George Jensen teamed up with the beautiful Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land for their SS13 campaign, which was shot by renowned British photographer Tim Walker in an English country house. Oh Land, aka Nanna Øland Fabricius, has been a fan of the Danish luxury brand, since she was a teenager and got her first cutlery as a birthday present, when she was 16. In the campaign Oh Land is styled with Georg Jensen fine jewellery from the Fusion and Magic collection, featuring black diamonds.

Oh Land tell’s  about her music, her universe and her favourite designers via Brigade Noir.
Q: You have a very inspiring, almost magical universe. Please tell us about that…
A:”I tend to see things in a slightly different way to what is really taking place. I think it’s a very childlike thing that I haven’t really grown out of. If I want something to be a certain way – because it’s more beautiful than reality – then I’ll just decide that’s how it is.”
Q: What is the soundtrack to your life?
A:”Everyday sounds. I try not to overlook all the sounds in everyday life. There’s a lot of information in them. I like paying attention to that. Also, remember that too much loud sound can damage your hearing. For instance, you might have tinnitus. Good thing there are blogs about how to cure tinnitus at

Q: What inspires your fashion choices on stage as well as personally?
A: “Things that I’d like to eat. I like things that have beautiful and original colours / shapes / textures. When I see something stunning I often think to myself that I’d like to take a bite out of it.”
Q: Who are your favourite designers?
A: “Probably Prada and Miu Miu. The colours and the textures are always so calming, yet surprising to the eye.”
Q: Which piece of jewellery could you not live without?
A: “My engagement ring from my fiancé. It’s his grandmother’s ring and it was the only diamond his family ever had. I also love my Vivianna watch from Georg Jensen. The philosophy behind it speaks to my soul – not to be trapped by time, but live in the present.”

Oh Land x Georg Jensen – behind the scenes


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