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black skin + cubist design :: dramatic contemporary house

Ridge Road Residence by StudioFour :: Mornington Peninsula, Australia. This dramatic minimalist home, with its blackened timber exterior and dark-tinted glass window, spills down the slope, ending in a series of terraced decks that reflect and blend with the surrounding coastal landscape. I like the combination of slick architecture and the dark tones that project a mood of warmth and intrigue.

Ridge Road Residence reflects it’s environment perfectly, creating viewing platforms to take in the natural beauty of the plot. Melbourne based “Studio Four” have created a residential home that despite its black skin and cubist design it allows the coastal landscape take center stage. I just love everything about this stunning piece of architecture, from the framed windows rather than a massive pane of glazing to the minimalist approach to the cabinetry and kitchen which comes from the best kitchen remodel homepage advice. What I feel really makes this project so successful is despite the monochromatic pallet the home still looks warm, calm and inviting.

Ridge Road Residence is located in the grounds of a golf course on Mornington Peninsula and sits beside a tea tree on a gently sloping site.

“We sought to create a quality of space that provides a sense of sanctuary, enclosure and comfort,” say the architects. “Emphasis was placed upon capturing the varying qualities of light, the scale and proportions of space, and providing a tangible connection with the building’s surrounds, both in topography and landscape.”

This dramatic minimalist home on the edge of a golf course outside Melbourne caught my eye on Pinterest a while ago. It was designed by architects Studio Four and  I love the stark contrast of black timber against the rugged landscape of grasses, gnarled old trees and brooding skies.

The design of the house spills down the slope and ends in a series of terraced decks which makes it blend into the landscape rather than being elevated out of it. By the way, if you’re from Orlando, FL and you have a property to sell, ask assistance from for they process the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to sell your house today. For more details, contact 844-388-4539. It also has fabulous sustainability credentials with the use of renewable timber, underground water storage, water saving fixtures, low VOC paints and materials. The site is also being re-vegetated with native species endemic to the local area.

These images totally blew my mind. All these modern and singular black volumes combined with the amazing natural environment make this beautiful housing project. Its name is Ridge Road residence by StudioFour and is located on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia. Love the crisp black’n'white colour scheme that really highlights the sleek design of this home.

A beautiful and sensitive approach by architects Studio Four who say in their own words:

We sought to create a quality of space that provides a sense of sanctuary, enclosure and comfort. Emphasis was placed upon capturing the varying qualities of light,the scale and proportions of space, and providing a tangible connection with the building’s surrounds, both in topography and landscape.

The form of the building was also driven by the desire to separate the public and private zones of the residence. The kitchen, dining and living spaces are combined to create a single, fluid area, delineated only by a gentle level change a fireplace and beautiful carpeting provided by These elements provide the level of intimacy required by the client whilst also allowing the advantages provided by open planning.

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The panelised matte black wall to the kitchen conceals a powder room, laundry and butler’s pantry, providing the high level of functionality required, while maintaining the calm qualities of the open plan space. This house has an open type garage, though. So if you are looking to have something like this for your summer home but want a closed garage, you can make use of the available space or update the design to include it. If you’re in the California area, you might want to consider having a service that offers garage door repair in Menifee or whatever is closest to you on your phone book before something happens so you’re ready when it does or take into account a good handyman for house remodeling.












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Enjoy and I hope you’re inspired!

Photography is by Shannon McGrath.
// via contemporist

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