Friday 5 October 2012

to sleep, perchance to dream

Enjoy these natural pics of Claire’s beautiful bedroom.

Today I am lazy, I have not made the bed. I feel at some point I may be tempted to hop back in and steal some sleep. If you want some great sleep tonight, then check out these toppers for your mattress.

I have laid down a couple of times but could not resist my camera. So here are a couple of details from from where I lay. Claire

And be transported with Claire’s film: I love the light in MY GREEK ISLAND HOME, it uplifts me. It inspired me to make this film. Music by Matthew Usmar Lauder.

{Images & Source: visit Claire’s delightful blog, Claire Lloyd loves}


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    One Response to “to sleep, perchance to dream”

    1. Claire Lloyd says:

      Thank you for your kind words I’m glad you are inspired.
      It’s lovely to wake up and find this post and as I am currently in Sydney promoting my new book My Greek Island Home it’s a nice reminder of my home in Lesvos.
      Take a look at my new book I think you would enjoy that too.
      My Greek Island Home published by Penguin Lantern. Thanks again!


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