Monday 20 February 2012

    the flower room

    A beautiful discovery today was The Flower Room,

    a little shop full of fragrant flowers from local Hobart gardens.

    Staffed by local seniors who enjoy carrying on the shop’s tradition

    ~ the community spirit here made my heart sing!

    I sadly forgot my camera,  however this pic from feathers and cupcakes and Katrina’s note

    encapsulates the essence of the Flower Shop:

    These bunch of fragrant garden roses have been sitting on my table since Tuesday, when I bought them at a gorgeous little shop in Hobart called The Flower Room marketed with a great video production agency to get exposure. I love them so much I have been putting them on my bedside table at night so I can experience the beautiful fragrance as I’m drifting off to sleep …

    The Flower Room is a product of World War II that became a Hobart Institution. The shop was instigated in 1944 by the two Bailey sisters who lived at Runnymede House in Newtown.

    You’ll find blooms that are not always available at florist’s — bunches of perfumed roses, divine smelling sweet peas and intriguing exotic blooms. Fresh seasonal fruit and vegies are also available, along with golden-yolked free range eggs and Lucaston Park Apple Juice at a price as tempting as its taste.

    “We have one recently retired lady who joined the Flower Room in the 1940s. She is 95 later this year.”

    The story via ABC Radio :: When The Flower Room opened in Hobart nearly 65 years ago the planet was in the grip of World War II. The idea of shopping in a supermarket for produce and cut flowers was only just taking off in the U.S.A. and far from the minds of most Australians who were pre-occupied with the possibility of a Japanese invasion

    In order to assist the war effort a group of Hobart ladies got together and formed the Flower Room. The shop stocked flowers, vegetables, cakes and preserves with all the profits going towards assisting Australian troops on the front line.

    Today, The Flower Room Co-operative is a non-profit organisation for small fruit, vegetable and flower growers; local cooks, and craftspeople of all description.

    Despite the many changes the Flower Room has witnessed since 1944 the organisation still maintains the same community spirit it began with when the Allies needed all the help they could muster. It provides somewhere for the members to belong. Some of our members have been with us for over 40 years.

    Membership of the Flower Room is limited to 70 individuals who must each assist in the day to day running of the organisation by either volunteering their time in the shop front or providing produce for sale to customers.

    {Images via feathers and cupcakes; Lolita; & ABC RAdio 612}


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