Sunday 27 May 2012

Sir Glance alot :: Haoshi Merry-Go-Round Carousel Clock

Why did I buy that ~ oooh, ‘cos it’s beautiful! Memory might fade away, however, with time goes by, it will still move on with us, and is just being forgotten….

Haoshi Design connects time and memory with the Merry-Go-Round Clock.                                                                            {I’m not sure I’d be able to tell time!}

Happiness” is the immediate feeling; “the memory of happiness” will extend to the infinity as time goes by… the element of time is inserted in this carousel. The relationships and interactions between the family literally convert into the flow of time.

This handmade carousel clock by Taipei designer Griffin Yang is made from white resin plastic. It depicts a family of three sitting on wooden horses in a carousel marking the passage of time.

“A boy’s vigorous movement is the second hand. The minute hand symbolizes a mother, who follows her child continually. The hour hand is like a father who steadily guards his family.”

The numbers on the outside Rome pillars represent mark the hour {hint: have Rome pillar #6 face your direction}; 3 disks inside act as the clock hands; an inner disk has a boy mounted on a horse turning quickly indicates seconds; the middle disk with a woman on a horse marks the minutes; and the outer disk with a man on a horse moves slowly around the carousel to mark the hours. It seems like the carousel is spinning around in the same spot, but the happy memory we derive from it will never stop moving forward. Glance not!!!!

The Haoshi’s Merry-Go-Round Carousel Clock is 6″ in circumference and 6.5″ tall and sells for $140.00.
{Images via Haishi and checkout Facebook}

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