Wednesday 22 February 2012

ocean trash photo collages by mandy barker

UK photographer mandy barker has developed a series of images entitled ‘soup‘ which depicts plastics and discarded items salvaged from beaches around the world.

soupruinous remembrance, Plastic flowers, leaves, stems, fishing line
additives: bones, skulls, feathers, fish

soup‘ is a description that is given to the plastic debris that is suspended in the sea. it is a title which makes particular reference to the mass accumulation of refuse that exists in the area of the north pacific ocean, also known as the ‘garbage patch’.

For each still, individual pieces of plastic are photographed on a black background as well as in combination with other articles of a similar size. barker then overlays these images with one another, illustrating the smallest up to the largest items of trash, creating a feeling of depth and suspension in the final visual.

To view more works visit Design Boom.

{Image and text via Design Boom}



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