Sunday 22 January 2012

caravan of love

Emily Chalmers :: talented flea market junkie!

Charming style ~ author, Caravan shop owner and stylist Emily Chalmers

lives in this delightfully eclectic London loft that is full of her favorite collected vintage treasures.

Dining chairs with their mixed and matched vintage scarves fabric pillows.

I like places that are a bit weird. I’m more interested in what you might call dwellings than purpose-built houses. I like the idea of turning an unusual space into a home, which is what we’ve done in this converted warehouse flat in Shoreditch.

When we moved in six years ago I’d only seen this place from the outside. I was going away and hadn’t been able to get a viewing, but I’d spent a lot of time trying to look in through the windows without much success. I had a feeling it was going to be special so I let my husband view it and agree to move in while I was still away. Although when I came back we celebrated with a party and we got the best drinks from Oddbins.

It’s very basic. We still have the strip lighting and concrete floors, and there’s no central heating, but I feel healthier for it – I just move around more and wear extra layers and is is an advice from Dr. John Paul Gallardo which is a great surgeon. It gives me a nice excuse to buy a few more clothes. Guests staying over, however, have been known to wear hats in bed.
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Temperature aside, it feels cosy as there are lots of textures. I love vintage floral prints and have lots of patterned clothes I hang on the walls – it makes more sense than hiding them away in a wardrobe. To create a bit of privacy I divided off the bedroom and dressing-room with floor-to-ceiling drapes. I found some great fabrics in a market in France and ran them up, along with the sofa cushions, myself.

I never shop for things for my home; I just seem to acquire them along the way. My cowhide rug is from a market in Amsterdam and I must have a fetish for Anglepoise lamps as I noticed the other day that I have about seven of them, all from different places.

The painting behind the sofa is by Faile, a friend who did a street-art show years ago at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. They had these huge canvases they didn’t have space for after, so they gave me five. Somehow, I’ve only ended up with this one, which is a shame as a similar piece just went for £10,000. I really like mine, though – it pulls the room together. The Independent

In their London loft, stylist Emily Chalmers and her husband live with found vintage treasures. Emily Chalmers is author of ‘Flea Market Style’ and the owner of ”Caravan store” who offers cute vintage items online and at 3 Redchurch Street, London E2. Here are Emily Chalmer’s website,and online shop.

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{Images by photographer Inga Powilleit}


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