Sunday 22 April 2012

brain bulging with stuff

I saw these pics on the La La Lovely blog posing the question:                                                                                                                  how do you clear clutter….from your mind that is?

My mind feels like it is over-loaded just like these great images

from a photographic series called Totem by French Photographer Alain Delorme.

At the moment my life is so full with inspirational happenings, celebrating milestones with friends, work and creativity that my brain is melting down and completely jammed packed with details, ideas, to -do’s, and every other thing that I probably already forgot to do.

I am having a hard time finding free space to make room for the most important thoughts that I really should be thinking, and doing the things I really need to do…..

Thanks Trina ~ I’m inspired to create space for happier thoughts + creative ideas and solutions!

{Images by Alain Delorme, via La La Lovely blog}


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