Sunday 3 June 2012

Bedecked in jewels, Queen Elizabeth 11

Jewellery and Gown :: Her Majesty arrived for State Opening of British Parliament wearing a silver gown with crystal embellishments, and a stunning white fur coats.

The Crown :: The Queen wears the King George IV State Diadem crown.

Made by Rundell, Bridge & Rundell in 1820, the diadem features a set of 4 crosses pattée alternating with 4 bouquets of roses, thistles, and shamrocks. The motifs are set on a band of diamond scrollwork between two bands of pearls. The front cross is set with a 4 carat yellow diamond, and the piece features 1,333 diamonds in all.

The crown was made for King George IV. George was a flamboyant man with an extravagant sense of style. The 57-year-old waited a long time to become king, and he wanted his coronation to be the most extravagant one in history. He redesigned costumes and planned for changes and additions to the Crown regalia. To commemorate the relatively recent creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, George came up with a new motif: a bouquet of Scotland’s thistle, England’s rose, and Ireland’s shamrock.

Queen Elizabeth II started wearing the diadem after her accession in 1952. She wears it to and from each State Opening of Parliament and for official portraits. That combination of uses has made it one of the most recognizable symbols of her reign ~ it adorns stamps, money, and official images.

The Festoon Necklace :: the three strand diamond necklace was commissioned in 1947 by King George VI to find a use to some of the loose diamonds he had inherited. The necklace consists of three rows of diamonds suspended between two diamond triangles, containing over 150 brilliant cut diamonds. The minimum weight of the necklace is estimated to be 175 carats. Matching diamond earrings were worn.

After arriving, she puts on the Parliament Robe of State and the insignia of the Order of Garter. As is the custom, the Monarch doesn’t put on the Imperial State Crown (which arrives separately) until after she enters the Palace of Westminster.

{Source: Order of Splendor}


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