Tuesday 11 October 2011

The world’s most expensive salad at the Naked Garden

Hydroponic urban gardening was spectacularly demonstrated by David Domoney’s “Naked Garden”. 

The hydroponically grown lettuces and tomatoes are the ingredients used

to create the world’s most expensive salad, costing $637.

… the plants are incredibly expensive because they are grown hydroponically. They are grown without soil and water and nutrients are sprayed direct to the roots. But also this means that the plants on display are all kept alive right till the point they are put in the salad so this is the freshest green salad you will ever eat. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive as the growing of the plants like this is very labour intensive.

“The plants are ‘in the nude’ as there is no soil and you can see all the roots – they are growing in glass.

I wanted people to be able to see the secret side to plants.”

His idea was to expose the beauty of naked roots and to promote soilless culture.

The transparent garden furniture was well chosen to fit with the clear containers.


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