Thursday 13 October 2011



70-80 female guests will be wearing the same dress, designed by Signe Bøgelund Jensen, leaving it to each of them to “be them self” rather than the dress and see how they can distinguish them self with accessories

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – JUNE 26: Rikke Jørck, Anja Madsen, Signe Bøgelund-Jensen, Marianne Fogelstrøm, Jeanett Wolff, Maria Vojtaschewski, Josephine Behrmann and (front row) Louise Dübiel, Stinne Danneskjold Siracusano, Annika Vilstrup and Josephine Behrmann attends the cocktail party where all guests are wearing the same dress, designed by Signe Bogelund Jensen on June 26, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Photo by Thorsten Overgaard/Getty Images)


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