Friday 19 August 2011

table decadence :: Liana Yaroslavsky

Liana Yaroslavsky is a Paris-based artist and designer who proves that the beauty of traditional chandeliers can be found on the floor as well as on the ceiling.

The “Haute Couture Coffee Tables” collection by Liana

combines baroque decadence with modern materials, and are assembled in her Parisian studio.

Yaroslavsky has created a series of artistic coffee tables with a limited edition of 12 in each story. The plexiglass coffee tables are filled with antique chandeliers that have been dismantled and recreated in an exciting, eye-catching way. Materials such as Murano glass chandeliers, Napoleon III tapestries, Versailles floors and Bohemian crystals are some examples of the unique nature of Yaroslavsky’s deliciously decadent work.

Decadence ~ Swedish chandelier, its crystal braiding falls like fine champagne from a gold leafed crown over the 18-century tapestry of Napoleon III with its serpentine arabesques.

Maure de Venise ~ Black mirror occupies the floor base while a black crystal Murano chandelier rests on top, its branches shooting out through the plexiglass.

L’Esquisse ~ 19th century watercolors are strewn about the base of the table under the 17th century Murano chandelier, its branches dispersed like a fallen star.

Cocaine ~ a broken lustre white chandelier lies on a snow white tile base, like a junkie who succumbs to the merciless white lady.

Le Bal ~ Inspired by the Tsar’s royal ball in Anna Karenina, Le Bal includes piano keys, wings made from real feathers, 19th century piano compositions, and two crystal chandeliers.

Liana’s own description is quite poetic: “The scence, inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, centers around the Tsar’s royal ballet. Keys of a neglected piano form a circular fan around two white wings made from real feathers…we are, after all, at the Ball of Angels. 19th century piano compositions for lovers are scattered within the base of the coffee table.  The crystal chandelier (also 19th c.) are embellished with feathers. Allegro moderato, yes, but who is leading this dance? Who are the dancers? The answer is obvious: our own imagined memories.” 

The ‘Haute Couture Coffee Tables’ collection by artist and graphic designer turned furniture innovator Liana Yaroslavski mixes baroque decadence with modern materials. Venetian chandeliers are dismantled, turned upside down and put back together to be encased in sleek plexiglass; precious and rare tapestries, original Versailles floors, Bohemian crystals and the like are incorporated into the mix like a still life painting of unexpected styles. Yaroslavski does all the fabrication and assembly in her Parisian studio, but the beginnings of her collection were unexpected even to the designer herself.

After falling in love with and buying a Murano chandelier at Drouot, Liana had the brilliant idea of incorporating it in to an old coffee table she was in the process of rejuvenating. “I turn the chandelier upside down, spread its branches on a bed of watercolours and inserted the whole thing in a plexiglass cube,” she explains. “This is my first creation.”

After years of development and the chemistry of creation,

Liana Yaroslavsky has produced a collection of tables with a

sophisticated mix of Versailles and Rock ‘n’ Roll aesthetics.

And how we do adore them!

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{Images and source Liana Yaroslavsky website ` it’s beautiful with the most divine artist sketches}


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