Saturday 18 June 2011

Shell + Shell + Shell + Shell + Shell + Shell + Shell +

S U S I E    M A C M U R R A Y {Shell}

20,000 mussel shells inlaid with red silk-velvet

For ShellSusie MacMurray covered the walls of an 18th century stairwell

with 20,000 mussel shells inlaid with velvet:

“I’m my own worst enemy in that I often use things that can’t be easily bought or made. To get 20,000 joined, partially open mussel shells required weekly trips to a local fish restaurant in Chester to collect their rubbish. For over 3 months I spent 3 days a week sorting, discarding, scraping, bleaching, boiling and lexapro no rx stacking what I calculated should be enough shells to where can i get propecia cover two walls of the stairwell. Finding 100 metres of the most opulent red silk velvet possible was comparatively straightforward, prescription drug levitra involving internet research and a trip to Berwick Street in London to haggle with different shops to get the best price.”

This large-scale installation was commissioned for Pallant House Gallery,

a Queen Anne townhouse in the centre of Chichester, West Sussex.

The installation references the levitra soft relationship between the newly married Elizabeth and Robert Peckham.

The couple shared a passionate desire to build a spectacular new house

before going their separate ways shortly after the building was completed.


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2 Responses to “Shell + Shell + Shell + Shell + Shell + Shell + Shell +”

  1. Now that is amazing and crazy and beautiful, all at the same time!
    I cannot even imagine. I wonder if the artists had to take a vacation following the project?

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I am wondering how you attached the shells to the order cialis 5 mg walls?


    Jennifer Mitchell


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