Sunday 8 May 2011

my heart wanders under beautiful blue brisbane skies

What would happen if one day you decided to follow your heart?

Where would it take you?

with friends, Julia and Angela, I enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea on the veranda of the old Bishop’s house

in the beautiful, tranquil surrounds of  St Francis hosted by the gorgeous Kylie from Paper Boat Press

to celebrate the Brisbane launch of Pia Jane Bijerks new book “My Heart Wanders“.

we enjoyed butterfly cakes, homemade sweet things,
petits sandwiches, tea and coffee with Pia
who was there to chat, sign books, and shared some
of her inspiring stories with us all.

The veranda was festooned with beautiful garlands of recycled papers including maps, book pages and blue circles made by one of my favourite Brisbane artisans, Christina from oldyarns. When we left we were given a little brown paper gift bag of goodies including a special memento of a ceramic my heart wanders broach.

And the launch inspired me to create this little installation of lovely objects from the day {broach, garland, sweets} together with some of my favourite things

~ wishbones, china, tulip tea bag by Jo from Paper Couture

and a Paper Boast Press paperweight.

The book is a visual feast ~ Pia Jane Bijkerk takes us on her journey as she leaves behind a comfortable life in Sydney to follow, unconditionally, her instincts. Setting up home first in Paris, then on a houseboat in Amsterdam, Pia observes the serendipitous moments that present themselves when letting go and following one’s dreams. My Heart Wanders is a reflective, inspirational, tender memoir that speaks to ‘the wandering heart’ in all of us..

{Images: 1. book cover; 2-7 a white carousel 8-9 Pia Jane Bijkerk}


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    4 Responses to “my heart wanders under beautiful blue brisbane skies”

    1. Jacqui says:

      So very lovely Cate…. the other Doddsy,xx.

    2. Ana says:

      I also went to Pia´s presentation in Brisbane. It was such a beautiful event, wasnt it?
      Congratulations, your blog is gorgeous!!
      Kind regards,

    3. Cate says:

      thanks Ana, have a happy day.

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