Sunday 2 January 2011

my Castle is my Home

Frederik VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg,

the Danish royal couple share inside the where to buy bactrim renovations of their new home,

and the six years it took to get things how they wanted.

I hope we get to see some pics after the boxes are unpacked!

Crown Prince Frederik noted that the refurbished rooms are a combination of viagra no prescription contemporary design with an antique touch, modern art was painted on the walls next to Rococo style doors that have golden designs:

The interesting thing about modern art to provoke dialogue,” The refurbished rooms combine respectfully restored antiques with contemporary design and generic cialis uk historical works of Danish artist with Modern Art, said Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

Being a modern couple, we have modern interests, so we try to reconcile this with the tradition, said Crown Prince Frederik. “About the renovation, we have decided to include contemporary art.”

Amalienborg Palace, built in the amoxil for sales elegant style of the European Rococo, was modernized for about 30 million €. Since 1828, the so-called Frederik VIII’s Palace in a royal possession and served before the renovation only as a winter residence. The palace is home to the Danish Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Crown Princess Mary, and their children.

{Images via German Vogue. To view photographs of the royal family in-situ, visit my previous post.}


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5 Responses to “my Castle is my Home”

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  2. What an enchanting and breathtaking space. I’m so jealous of the royals that can call this place home. Thanks for sharing :) Paris in Pink

  3. Ritournelle says:

    That looks amazing! Do they really live there?

  4. Cate says:

    Yes, how amazing and lucky.

  5. Cate says:

    Thought I’d share these lovely responses I got on email from friends….

    WOW! what an amazing and bold refurb! Makes my efforts pale!!!!! But
    it’s about having the same fun I suspect! I do think they are a
    fairytale couple and wish them gorgeous twins!!!

    Kings speech and can i buy viagra online distressed walls also fab. If you don’t have to live
    with a stammer and damp! B

    Very beautiful and very daring for a Castle. I”m sure the twins will
    love it! I’m with B and I know want distressed walls with brocade couch. E


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