Tuesday 1 November 2011

i nostri giorni

In Italy, All Saints Eve or Day of the Dead is day of remembrance and honoring the dead.

Armi santi, armi santi, Io sugnu unu e vuatri siti tanti,

Mentri sugnu ‘ntra stu munnu di guai, Cosi di morti mittitiminni assai.

{traditional Sicillian saying by children to ask for gifts}

Holy souls, holy souls, I am one, and you are many. 

While I am in this world of troubles, bring me lots of presents from dead people.”

Parents tell their children that if they behave correctly, “i bonarmuzza re muorticieddi” (the good souls of the dead) might bring them presents. Children go to bed in the hope to be remembered by dead members of the family while parents prepare the presents and hide them around the house. In the morning a search will commence prior to visiting the cemetery.

On the evening of October 31, All Hallow’s Eve, begin by indulging in a traditional harvest feast. The menu includes the new unfermented wine from the year’s harvest, known as Ribolla or Novello. Also eaten are roasted chestnuts, which were being sold from street vendors in Milano yesterday.

(Images: Emily Senko, Marie Claire Italia March 2011 issue. Photographed by Wendy Bevan via cut y paste}


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