Sunday 13 March 2011

Greenhouse eco-eatery pops up

Greenhouse by Joost is an ecologically friendly pop-up restaurant concept

~ a subtle and stylish form of protest about a throwaway society.

It is currently on the shores of Sydney, complete with Harbour Bridge and Opera House views,

until 28 March before it will go to Milan. I am excited that I’ll be there for the weekend finale.

The Greenhouse project is a self-sustaining event venue built to operate for a short period.

the space is constructed of hay bales and steel ** floors of deconstructed shipping crates ** a rooftop garden that grows some of the produce served from the kitchen ** wild strawberry pot-plant lined walls ** tables fabricated from redundant fire hydrants, chairs of re-structured street signs and shade-cloths woven from tiles discarded by the Melbourne Cricket Club ** wait staff are attired in vintage wear **

and David Bromley adds an artistic touch……

David Bromley’s artwork covers the facade – painted in one night and one day using a cherry-picker!

The Greenhouse promotes sustainable construction techniques and operational processes… the entire building is created using re-cycled and re-cyclable materials, and runs so efficiently it creates no waste.  ALL food scraps are composted on site, herbs and salad vegies are grown on the roof, all produce is supplied in re-usable containers (no disposable plastic here!) and all furniture, tableware and design details are created from re-purposed materials which would otherwise have been landfill.  The Greenhouse Sydney will operate for just 8 weeks before upping sticks and commencing a WORLD TOUR!  Get in while you can, people! The Design Files

The Greenhouse is about designing and operating better places for people. Places that let us touch natural materials, understand where everyday things come from and taste fresh food straight from the garden.

Designers, engineers, builders, scientists, farmers, chefs and others are among those whose knowledge and advice have gone into every aspect of creating the Greenhouse, from the lighting, to the menu, to the fresh baked bread and the worm farm. The Greenhouse aims to harness the growing understanding of the human footprint to offer alternative solutions that tread a fine balance between functionality, sustainability and beauty.

All the features of the Greenhouse are carefully considered first for their practicality, recyclability, life cycle and embodied energy and then for their aesthetics and cost. By putting each decision through this rigorous process, it is hoped that the Greenhouse can provide information and examples to builders, designers, restaurateurs and the public, regarding their daily choices of materials, ingredients, and practices.

Nobody ever convinced anyone of anything by shouting it at them. We hope that we can quietly share some of what we have learned, and let the results speak for themselves.

greenhouse by joost

“The simplicity of the structure is based on a desire to assemble and dismantle, 
should the need arise – with the minimum of financial and energy expenditure. This is central to Bakker’s design philosophy. He wants the Greenhouse to be harmless and it’s eco-impact to be positive.

Taking this very seriously, he shows mind blowing attention to recyclable detail. Each component of the building – from the beer bottles to the use of galvanised steel screws for their ease of recycling – is a testament to years of intricate knowledge, development and the cultivation of the personal micro-networks necessary to support positive impact building.”

Artichoke magazine, issue 31, May 2010

Greenhouse by Joost, Campbells Cove, The Rocks, Sydney (same side at the MCA, at the end of the Quay)

Open Monday noon – midnight, Sunday 10.00am – midnight, and every other day from 7.30am – midnight.

{Images via greenhouse by joostThe Design Files & he needs food}



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