Friday 9 September 2011

Falling Angels

Even Angels Will Fall!  The  new Lynx Excite ads have caught my eye, and many others worldwide. The ad features beautiful female angels falling to earth set to a cover version of ’Sexy Boys’ by Fallen Angels. It was shot in Split, Croatia, and is meant to represent ’a picturesque European town’.

Called Falling Angels, it claims the products’ fragrance is

“so tempting it will make female angels fall from the sky for it”.

The premise of the advert features people in a sleepy European town going about their daily lives until they are interrupted by a group of angels, who plummet from the sky. Unhurt and ignoring the people, the angels make their way through town towards one man. The angels grab their halos and smash them on the ground. The ad ends with the man alone in his room, spraying himself with Lynx Excite Deodorant for men. A voiceover says “New Lynx Excite, even angels will fall“.

The ad, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) will launch on Apple’s iAd mobile advertising network,

as part of the brand’s strategy to find innovative ways to engage with its audience.

Unilever is investing £8.32m in the global marketing campaign for the Lynx Excite range, which is targeting the Latin American and European markets. Television activity is following up on the initial launch campaign for the range, which was carried out on Apple’s iAd mobile advertising network: iPhone and iPod Touch users have an “immersive iAd experience”. Users can watch the advert, download wallpapers of the Lynx angels and purchase and download the theme tune Sexy Boys from iTunes, all from within their app. The TV ad was followed by print, digital, Facebook activity, gaming and out-of-home advertising and PR.

As part of their Falling Angels campaign, Lynx installed an Augmented Reality Advert at London’s Victoria station, that sees people interacting directly with the angels via a digital video billboard.

As passers by walked through the station passing a Lynx circle on the floor, they activated virtual angels who literally fell to earth

As passers by walk onto the Lynx “Markers”  they activated virtual Excite Angels who literally fall to earth in the digital billboard, and land right next to them. Through the billboard people could directly interact with the angels.

This experience is also part of a new social campaign that has just launched, the “Lynx Excite Fallen Angel” which challenges users to head to Facebook to see if they are the one person on earth that can release an archangel…


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